September 2009アーカイブ

It is features to suppress the cost.
The dwelling house of low rent or more is provided, it suffers a cut in income in the poor economy, it corresponds in the expenditure damping, and it corresponds to keen consumer needs.
It aims at the management of 1000 households in the whole country within three.

It secures it by hiring the weariness lingua dormitory facilities in five places in the whole country such as Tokyo and Hokkaido as the first bounce.
The kitchen is redecorated so that the tenant individual may cook for oneself, the IH heater does, and the tenant will be accepted plural installations and next April.

The handling meal doesn't put out management of the common bath and the rest room alone, and the monthly sum rent of the Tokyo internal article is set to 49,000 yen.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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