hokkaido/Sapporo areaの最近のブログ記事

- It apologizes to the road and the resident.

A regional council with the airport neighbourhood in the road for the arrival and departure slot  enlargement of the new Chitose airport and Tomakomaishi was opened after an interval of about six years on the night of the third. It dared not to take up from the front, and it apologized for current correspondence formally for this day though the road as soon as possible that wanted to enter the conference of the arrival and departure slot  of new Chitose. Haneda Airport..distensio..leave..time..few.
Are the resident's understanding and consent obtained?

- Priority substance conference postponement of the warming relationship.

In a regional council on this day, 21 three district representatives in Uenae under the road, Tomakomaishi, and the sea route, Numanohata, and Yufutsu are the participation linguas.

At the beginning, vice-governor Osamu Takai touched past details, and apologized , saying that "I apologize sincerely because it renewed on this occasion" , saying that "Indeed feel sorry to annul the construction of the second terminal building one-sidedly because of the road side about the glide slope extension problem".

With the ingluvies food「The reinforcement of the airport works by first priority as a the greatest difficulty of the road politics. I want to advance the discussion with sincerity with everybody in local. 」It described.  

The person in charge on the road mentions the effect according to the arrival and departure slot  enlargement as a general rule(1)The metropolitan area and the Kansai circle are good at the next-day delivery of fresh goods at the (3) midnight when the efficiency improvement of the change with the international mail of Haneda Airport where management of (2)24 hours when the width at the action time of the domestic flight use extends is begun can be attempted by the use of time zone. ――It enumerated it.  

The voice to make the discomfort feeling demonstrative was raised from one of the residents to a top absence , saying that "Is there nothing from the governor, too?", too.
After the council had ended, vice-governor Takai clarified, "I want to make the occasion described from the governor at proper time".


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