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Sales of the apartment and lot offered for sale in the center of a city have presented the gather steam.
47 Sumitomo Realty & Development announced on the same day the absorption lingua.
All articles of three horn apartment house in the metropolitan area that Mitsubishi Estate also marketed at the end of May were sold out on the same day.
It is because fair winds such as low interest rates and housing-related reductions continue, it worries about the consumption tax tax increase in the future, and urgent demand increases rapidly. The dawn begins to stream to the apartment house marketplace that has kept languishing after the autumn of the year before last.

Construction advances from Keio Line Fuchu Station in the apartment house in Fuchu of Sumitomo Realty & Development along "Zelkova of Daimon Baba roadside trees" at 3 minutes on foot.
The first the first stage is an article of 2LDK-3LDK of 43・61-87・84 square meters in the exclusive area of the corner Yanaka mind, and the price is 39 million-79 million yen. It was sold out though average tsubo unit price was 2.7 million yen, and the price of the maximum level in 3LDK apartment house in Fuchushi that had been sold after 2000 at a dash.
When the siting near the station along according to roadside trees was assessed, it is Iu.
When 500 guests have come to the apartment house gallery besides 1800 inquiries so far, good "The good condition is expected as for the number of houses of the remainder" (this company) and it is Iu in this apartment house.

The article sales in the metropolitan area of Mitsubishi Estate are also in the best condition.
On the same day, the article of 43 households that advances construction to Shakujiikoen in Tokyo besides the article of 51 households of Shinagawa marketed in May is absorption respectively. In addition, it was sold out on that day by even 47 for the first stage of the apartment house where construction was advanced to Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture. A siting etc. near the station were assessed respectively.

The apartment house in the center of a city also has a lot of indications, "If the good condition of sales continues as it is, the supply might become insufficient" (major real estate developer) also by the case bought as a real estate for the investment.

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Expected to exceed Daikyo by the supply number of houses plan ranking of the apartment house of fiscal year 2010 by Mitsui Fudosan, and springing up to the head position for the first time have understood the 27th.
The purpose is for Mitsui Real Estate to be planning a large-scale apartment house lotting out centering on the central area of Tokyo, and the supply suppresses Daikyo of the setback outlook, and it becomes top.
"Crustal alteration" that Daikyo that has led for a long time gives yield one's first place to an integrated real estate of zaibatsu-affiliated is caused by the supply of the apartment house lotting out.

The variation of the ranking was clarified in "Nationwide house and apartment house supply investigation" that Japan Real Estate Research Institute and the market economy laboratory had announced on the 27th.
The supply of Mitsui Fudosan cash register Xylia kerrii Cial of the head position is an expectation of becoming 5400 households of the preceding fiscal year proportion 16.1% increase and drastic increases according to the investigation.
On the other hand, Daikyo is an outlook that decreases to 4300 households of 16.0% decrease, is pulled out by Sumitomo Realty & Development (4500 households), and falls to 3rd place.
However, because Towa Real Estate (3600 households) in Mitsubishi Estate (2500 households) in 7th place and 5th place consolidates it in January, '11, it is substantially certain that the Mitsubishi Estate group becomes a head position.

Expectation that Daito Trust Construction that rose to the top for the first time last year defends the top to the last in 53,200 households of 10.2% increase in electric supply plan ranking of detached house 2 years in a row. 2nd place is 36,900 households of 1.2% increase in Daiwa House Industry, and 3rd place plans 26,000 households of 34.9% decrease in Reo Palace 21.

The implementation of this investigation is the 11th in this year. It investigated during the May-June of this year this time, and the valid response was obtained from 133 companies in the apartment house and 273 companies in the house.

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The market of the apartment house and the detached house in the metropolitan area is recovering. It sold as "High-class condominium" that Mitsui Fudosan put on the market flew, and absorption come one after another to the high priced apartment house that the absorption lingua and others, Mitsubishi Estate, and Sumitomo Realty & Development had almost put on the market on the same day. Average tsubo unit price of the metropolitan area residential quarter that the Tokyo kante Juncus effusus var.decipiens of the Real Estate Pages service (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo) announced on the 29th from January to June becomes 730,000 yen, and is a rapid restitution from 675,000 yen at the end on December last year that became "Bottom" because of the Riemann shock. Began hitting bottom of the housing market in the fair wind as for the ultra low money rate and housing-related reductions.

Mitsui Fudosan cash register Xylia kerrii Cial etc. are high rise apartment house "Zaroppongi Tokyo club condominium. " of Tokyo and Roppongi marketed on the 17th this month. 90 percent was buried 92 ..1st term.. households in spite of the large amount of money ..about half.. article of 100 million yen or more.
Especially, the popular one is seven households of the garret, and everything has been buried in 268 million-480 million yen and the people though a far-off price.

"User's concern is very high though "High-class condominium". "The person in charge of Mitsui Fudosan is so amazed because of the height of the concern.

The number of houses of the apartment house supplied in the metropolitan area in the first six months of the term (from January to June) of 2010 is 20,171 households of corresponding ratio to the previous year 27% increase and when it extends drastic, and 2907 households that hit 15% among these became the absorption on the same day, Iu according to the Japan Real Estate Research Institute melody. Sumitomo Realty & Development comes one after another, and actually, the apartment house in start lingua Fuchushi comes one after another sales on the third this month and the spot sale is successive also in Mitsubishi Estate and Nomura Real Estate Development besides becoming absorption.

Good sales are received, and . according to ..sales price of the apartment house.. Japan Real Estate Research Institute ....rise.. writing corresponding ratio to the previous year 5.2% increase with 47.12 million yen.. ..saying...

When 30-one's forties where it refrains from purchase begins to move to purchase, it is Iu.

The detached house in the metropolitan area is in the recovery trend, too. In the economy laboratory of real estate examination, 2489 households of 2.9% increase the supply number of houses in the metropolitan area from January to June, and having arrived at the agreement have increased more than the this moon of 1451 households and previous years by about as much as 12%.
Average tsubo unit price changes to the advance, too and it is thought, "The land price is rising from the sphere of major bottom escaping from the depression period at last" (market research part) in the Tokyo kante Juncus effusus var.decipiens.

However, depression continues to the market of the office building on the other hand.
The average of the office rate of vacancy of Setokiten in June that Mitsuoni Trading of the office mediation major brought together in five Tokyo mind districts is serial for five months and renewals as for the maximum level since 9.14% and the investigation starts. The rent seems to take time to a real restitution of the bottom line of a downfall Shite descending and an integrated real estate.

High rise apartment house model room of 39 stories on the ground where Mitsui Fudosan etc. begin sales

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