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The case where a Chinese rich layer in which it lives in mainland China buys the real estate of Japan-domestic by the purpose of the investment etc. has stood out recently.

Acreage estate company Yuesmanegements (Toshima Ward, Tokyo) chiefly holds building for Chinese and the buying and selling of a used apartment house and the investment instrument. It seems to be certain that the inquiry from China and the sea has increased.

- 23 district internal apartment houses are the aim eyes for about 100 million yen.

「The budget is about 100 million yen, and has a lot of inquiries from the well-to-do population which it looks for in the investment ..Tokyo 23 district internal apartment house.. purpose. It has already had plural real estates in China, and the person with the real estate of Japan as a risk sharing want is most. However, sales might increase in the future though it doesn't sell easily like electrical appliances, too. 」
It takes and the company rep is expected.

Hokkaido that became the stage of a smash hit lingua Chinese movie in 2008 is high popularity, too.

The subsidiary and the Nitori public (Sapporoshi) of furniture, the interior sales major, and Nitori complete the villa area for a Chinese rich layer by the under construction in Chitoseshi by the end of July, 2010. 30 million yen level furniture and with the interior of Nitori including land, and all of the 17 houses are the absorption linguas. In addition, there is pulling against each other from about 100 people, and the construction project at the second stage is advanced according to the person in charge of this company of the villa business development.

The China Investment management (Tokyo Chuoku) manages portal site "Core Mad at the day" concerning Japan, and works on a travel to Japan for a Chinese rich layer and various services concerning the business. The introduction and the real estate tour of Real Estate Pages of Japan are executed, and four pair eight investors are the participation linguas in the 1st tour on 3rd - 4th in April of 2010 from Shanghai. It holds it in the moon afterwards by several-time paces.

President and Representative Director Shin Yen
「It is likely to correspond individually because there are a lot of busy people such as managers. Each one might pay the making a passage expense and sojourn expense and it participate, and it is seriously expected that it will not consider it and turns. 」
It speaks. 

Chinese who lives in mainland China stands out and : the real estate of Japan-domestic for about one year coming purchase according to president Shin.

I think, real estate this "Purchase" of Japan.
One is a case bought by the investment purpose. All land should return the country the residential real estate with the national property in 70 years in China. It is said that real estate burst of the economic bubble is a matter of time recently, and there are a lot of well-to-do populations in which the real estate is bought for foreign countries. I hear that property prices might have especially fallen nearing from China, and Japan's person thought to be "Purchase" is a lot of.
The one that the second type wants to have urban country house and resort typing Sho.
The budget is wide from 10 million to several hundred million yen.

President Shin reveals it , saying that "The voice that it wants to expect the foreigner who consists of Chinese to be buying many of real estates more than the latter half 100 million yen of Chinese's property investment temperature in the real estate industry field in the current state rises".

On the other hand,
It is spoken, "There is the person that it wants to buy it wisely neither situation for each hand nor being buying it almost if there is a good article though there was a report that a Chinese rich layer hunts the real estate of Japan".

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Sales of the apartment and lot offered for sale in the center of a city have presented the gather steam.
47 Sumitomo Realty & Development announced on the same day the absorption lingua.
All articles of three horn apartment house in the metropolitan area that Mitsubishi Estate also marketed at the end of May were sold out on the same day.
It is because fair winds such as low interest rates and housing-related reductions continue, it worries about the consumption tax tax increase in the future, and urgent demand increases rapidly. The dawn begins to stream to the apartment house marketplace that has kept languishing after the autumn of the year before last.

Construction advances from Keio Line Fuchu Station in the apartment house in Fuchu of Sumitomo Realty & Development along "Zelkova of Daimon Baba roadside trees" at 3 minutes on foot.
The first the first stage is an article of 2LDK-3LDK of 43・61-87・84 square meters in the exclusive area of the corner Yanaka mind, and the price is 39 million-79 million yen. It was sold out though average tsubo unit price was 2.7 million yen, and the price of the maximum level in 3LDK apartment house in Fuchushi that had been sold after 2000 at a dash.
When the siting near the station along according to roadside trees was assessed, it is Iu.
When 500 guests have come to the apartment house gallery besides 1800 inquiries so far, good "The good condition is expected as for the number of houses of the remainder" (this company) and it is Iu in this apartment house.

The article sales in the metropolitan area of Mitsubishi Estate are also in the best condition.
On the same day, the article of 43 households that advances construction to Shakujiikoen in Tokyo besides the article of 51 households of Shinagawa marketed in May is absorption respectively. In addition, it was sold out on that day by even 47 for the first stage of the apartment house where construction was advanced to Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture. A siting etc. near the station were assessed respectively.

The apartment house in the center of a city also has a lot of indications, "If the good condition of sales continues as it is, the supply might become insufficient" (major real estate developer) also by the case bought as a real estate for the investment.

The source

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Expected to exceed Daikyo by the supply number of houses plan ranking of the apartment house of fiscal year 2010 by Mitsui Fudosan, and springing up to the head position for the first time have understood the 27th.
The purpose is for Mitsui Real Estate to be planning a large-scale apartment house lotting out centering on the central area of Tokyo, and the supply suppresses Daikyo of the setback outlook, and it becomes top.
"Crustal alteration" that Daikyo that has led for a long time gives yield one's first place to an integrated real estate of zaibatsu-affiliated is caused by the supply of the apartment house lotting out.

The variation of the ranking was clarified in "Nationwide house and apartment house supply investigation" that Japan Real Estate Research Institute and the market economy laboratory had announced on the 27th.
The supply of Mitsui Fudosan cash register Xylia kerrii Cial of the head position is an expectation of becoming 5400 households of the preceding fiscal year proportion 16.1% increase and drastic increases according to the investigation.
On the other hand, Daikyo is an outlook that decreases to 4300 households of 16.0% decrease, is pulled out by Sumitomo Realty & Development (4500 households), and falls to 3rd place.
However, because Towa Real Estate (3600 households) in Mitsubishi Estate (2500 households) in 7th place and 5th place consolidates it in January, '11, it is substantially certain that the Mitsubishi Estate group becomes a head position.

Expectation that Daito Trust Construction that rose to the top for the first time last year defends the top to the last in 53,200 households of 10.2% increase in electric supply plan ranking of detached house 2 years in a row. 2nd place is 36,900 households of 1.2% increase in Daiwa House Industry, and 3rd place plans 26,000 households of 34.9% decrease in Reo Palace 21.

The implementation of this investigation is the 11th in this year. It investigated during the May-June of this year this time, and the valid response was obtained from 133 companies in the apartment house and 273 companies in the house.

The source

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The market of the apartment house and the detached house in the metropolitan area is recovering. It sold as "High-class condominium" that Mitsui Fudosan put on the market flew, and absorption come one after another to the high priced apartment house that the absorption lingua and others, Mitsubishi Estate, and Sumitomo Realty & Development had almost put on the market on the same day. Average tsubo unit price of the metropolitan area residential quarter that the Tokyo kante Juncus effusus var.decipiens of the Real Estate Pages service (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo) announced on the 29th from January to June becomes 730,000 yen, and is a rapid restitution from 675,000 yen at the end on December last year that became "Bottom" because of the Riemann shock. Began hitting bottom of the housing market in the fair wind as for the ultra low money rate and housing-related reductions.

Mitsui Fudosan cash register Xylia kerrii Cial etc. are high rise apartment house "Zaroppongi Tokyo club condominium. " of Tokyo and Roppongi marketed on the 17th this month. 90 percent was buried 92 ..1st term.. households in spite of the large amount of money ..about half.. article of 100 million yen or more.
Especially, the popular one is seven households of the garret, and everything has been buried in 268 million-480 million yen and the people though a far-off price.

"User's concern is very high though "High-class condominium". "The person in charge of Mitsui Fudosan is so amazed because of the height of the concern.

The number of houses of the apartment house supplied in the metropolitan area in the first six months of the term (from January to June) of 2010 is 20,171 households of corresponding ratio to the previous year 27% increase and when it extends drastic, and 2907 households that hit 15% among these became the absorption on the same day, Iu according to the Japan Real Estate Research Institute melody. Sumitomo Realty & Development comes one after another, and actually, the apartment house in start lingua Fuchushi comes one after another sales on the third this month and the spot sale is successive also in Mitsubishi Estate and Nomura Real Estate Development besides becoming absorption.

Good sales are received, and . according to ..sales price of the apartment house.. Japan Real Estate Research Institute ....rise.. writing corresponding ratio to the previous year 5.2% increase with 47.12 million yen.. ..saying...

When 30-one's forties where it refrains from purchase begins to move to purchase, it is Iu.

The detached house in the metropolitan area is in the recovery trend, too. In the economy laboratory of real estate examination, 2489 households of 2.9% increase the supply number of houses in the metropolitan area from January to June, and having arrived at the agreement have increased more than the this moon of 1451 households and previous years by about as much as 12%.
Average tsubo unit price changes to the advance, too and it is thought, "The land price is rising from the sphere of major bottom escaping from the depression period at last" (market research part) in the Tokyo kante Juncus effusus var.decipiens.

However, depression continues to the market of the office building on the other hand.
The average of the office rate of vacancy of Setokiten in June that Mitsuoni Trading of the office mediation major brought together in five Tokyo mind districts is serial for five months and renewals as for the maximum level since 9.14% and the investigation starts. The rent seems to take time to a real restitution of the bottom line of a downfall Shite descending and an integrated real estate.

High rise apartment house model room of 39 stories on the ground where Mitsui Fudosan etc. begin sales

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  - Restrictive and 500 yen a person in September
 - 7.3 million yen of last year for refuse disposal 114 tons
Kawasakishi decides between utilization times for one month of September, and executes a social experiment to which the fee collects, too from garbage and the noise that the people who are barbecues (BBQ) in the Tamagawa River river terrace put out are and there is problem Tona. The Kao investigation into which the trouble action changes very and it probat it by clarifying the rule. When it is unusual, such an experiment is Iu also in the whole country according to the city. 【 riverside Tomoko ]

For problem Tona, it is in the surrounding of Tokyu Denentoshi Line Futakoshinchi Station (same city Takatsuku) nearby twin pons that it is. The river terrace is ownership of the country, and the city borrows it free of charge. 500 yen is collected more than the school child one person the enclosure of about four hectares with the hedge, and providing the acceptance in the entrance. It limits it at 6:00AM - between utilization times 6:00PM (Entrance : until three o'clock).

This place came to be known for 96 years as a popular barbecue point according to the city, and about 100,000 people a year visited last year. A large amount of accrual of garbage becomes a problem on the other hand, and the city sets up the garbage marshaling yard in 05. The city bears the transaction cost, and the amount of the garbage in fiscal year 2009 is 114 tons, and the charge has mounted up to about 7.3 million yen.

The conference will be piled up by persistent dissatisfaction with "The user should bear responsibility", and setting up "Barbecue strategy meeting" that exchanged Setagaya Ward, Tokyo in the resident and the opposite bank etc. in January this year in such a current state in local, and the city work on the experiment.

The implementation period is 1st - 30th in September. Bringing such as high-into-the air fire works and musical instruments with a lot of complaints from the resident in is prohibited. The city has the policy of settling on a proper project after the opinion is raised from the citizens next January based on this result. The inquiry : to city Tamagawa River measure promotion section (044・200・2232).

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It was announced that Utsunomiyashi held "The 1st Utsunomiya pleasant CM contest" that competed of it was possible to do of CM that the citizens had produced to send the charm in the region by using commercial (CM) image on the 29th.

The city city brand strategy room assumes, "It wants to express the charm of Utsunomiyashi caught by citizens' lines of vision, and to use it for the Pulmonary regurgitation". a theme..second..CM..production.
It twined round the brand message, and it was popular by the contents that a huge chaozu appears in the wedding with which the Rito humour overflowed.

To make more the citizens can enjoy participation Shite at current year, the contest decided to be held. There is an aim that rediscovers the charm of Utsunomiyashi by the citizens, too.

Pleasantly expressing the charm of Utsunomiya should ..CM.. use the logo of "It is capital of ..pleasantness.. U Imperial prince if it lives" that the slogan and is the brand message with "Town of ** though it is made to do" that expresses the charm by the condition in the image.
Is the lengths of CM 15 seconds or Noi slippages for 30 seconds?The subscription is accepted until August 1st - November 30th, and the work of winning a prize will be announced by "Utsunomiya pleasant CM Howard" of the holding schedule next January.
The prize 100,000 yen is presented when shining to the grand prize.

The inquiry is a city city brand strategy room (TEL sees the source).

The source
- Utsunomiyashi

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It was found that the vacant house where the resident did not exist went up to 49.0% of the whole for one year or more in the investigation of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport among vacant houses in the region where it left the Tokyo mind part more than 40 kilo. The let slowdown in demand exceeds 22.2% of the Tokyo section etc. by the efficient cause drastic. When the lessee evacuated it once in suburbs, the realities to which the following tenant did not show up easily stood out in relief against the center of a city regression of residential area advancement.

The diplomatic relation ministry is executing the vacant house investigation to activate the circulation of the existing housing every five years.
The answer was received from 510 owners in the vacant house this time.

The prolongment of the vacant house stood out especially Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa 4 inside a prefecture in leaving more than 40 kilo from the central area of Tokyo. When the commuting time to the center of a city takes one hour or more, is few a population and an original housing demand, and becomes a vacant house once, it seems to be difficult to find the following tenant in a short term.

As for the investigation of the implementation lingua Osaka core, the ratio of vacant houses of one year or more was high at the same time with 45.0%.

A lot of "Tenant's of the lessee etc. evacuations" is 57.1% in Tokyo suburbs in the cause (multiple answer) that became a vacant house, and 50.8% in Osaka. However, the implementation lingua was not filled, remained half the repair work to call in a new tenant in 30% in Tokyo suburbs, and it remained in 40% in Osaka.

The trend that the residential area moves to the central area of Tokyo continues in Tokyo in the background of declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people and growing numbers of nuclear families, etc.
The diplomatic relation ministry makes efforts to the activation of the circulation of secondhand housing aiming at effective use of the existing housing, and thinks that they want to put the brake on the prolongment of the vacant house in Tokyo suburbs etc.If what repair work is concretely done by the capture of transaction data of the house for resale, the indicator-making etc. that show how much the value added of the house rises are advanced.

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The assistance of 300 million yen in total from this prefecture and 6 cities in place along railway-tracks that the north total line of the quasi-public corporation that connects the surrounding of Newtown Chiba in the Chiba Prefecture northwest with the center of a city (32 kilo) invests is received, and the fare is lowered by about 5% in whole line on the 17th.
Public assistance for the railroad rate price cut is exceptional.

Dissatisfaction with "It is like sprinkling water over thirsty soil in 5%" has gone out of the place along railway-tracks resident though a dissatisfied cancellation to the large amount of money fare is a purpose, too.

The fare of this line that about 100,000 day people use is "It is 2-3 times higher than the line besides the metropolitan area. " (Chiba Prefecture transportation planning section).
Female office worker (47) in Inzaishi used by commuting about Tokyo
It is grieved, "I, husband, and high school student's eldest sons' regular fees of three people are about 500,000 yen at half a year".

The number of users increased if the new town project that started in 69 advanced favorable and the reduction in freight was also possible though it was known at first in 1979 of the practice by "Large amount of money fare".
However, the of keeping at a distance population ..large amount of money fare.. doesn't expand, and the population that 340,000 people are expected at first is 90,000 people now.
The fare is a high stopping. The liability with interest of 100 billion yen is held by the cost of construction at the bubble economy era etc. , and the principal of four billion yen is returned every year.

The resident group in place along railway-tracks is submission in the country in 2008 as for the signature of 100,000 people from which the reduction in freight is requested.
Governor Kensaku Morita who had assumed the position last spring hung to the emphasis measure out "North total line price cut", and advanced the adjustment between the north total railway and the municipality. As a result, it agreed that the prefecture and six cities bore 300 million yen of the half for five years among the decreased receipts expectation of 600 million yen with the reduction in freight.

The first ride becomes 190 yen from present 200 yen, and the discount factor of the going to school commutation ticket expands from 60% to 70%.
Kobeshi and Hyogo Prefecture are Kitagami expresses of the same city and the example of the spending lingua is Iu ..only it is...  assist the public expense according to the prefecture for the railroad rate price cut

Still, dissatisfaction with "It is absurd in 5% price cut" is strong from the place along railway-tracks resident.
Congress voted down the spending idea in the Shirai city that had agreed to the burden of 34.5 million yen a year , saying that "It is far to the drastic measure solution in the public funds making up for decreased receipts".

The disbursement of 300 million yen is the end of August. The north total railway is assumed to be "It cannot help discussing the return if mutual agreement is not fulfilled based on the fare" because it is put off, and there is a possibility that the price cut is discontinued after next year the Shirai city, too.

- Three Sec "North total railway" by Keisei Electric Railway and north total line = local municipality is the enterprising bodies. Matsudo besides the bridge where Newtown Chiba is held, Inzai, and the Shirai city, Ichikawa, and Kamagaya City pass.
Present Keisei-takasago in 2000- It opens between I Oeki of the Inba day.
Keisei Electric Railway is made to run the extension of the railway track to New Tokyo International Airport, and : "Narita Sky access. " and (Keisei-Ueno - New Tokyo International Airport) on the 17th in addition.

The source map from=main4 "Business section of the north total line" is

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started the review of "Living fundamental project" that indicated a basic direction of the housing policy.
When needs of the newly built house have decreased because of the poor economy and declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, analysis. The measure that improves the quality of the house for resale is scheduled to be hardened through the reform promotion etc.

A present plan was settled on on the basis of the fundamental law of the living in 2006. It is supposed to review it based on the change in socioeconomic circumstances in five years though the program period is ten years. The Cabinet Council is decided through the argument of the social overhead capital maintenance council by the end of current year, and it aims at the start from the coming year.

The number of houses of the house quantitatively : enough to number 50 million of households of 08 years with 57.6 million households. The vacant house is in the occupying abundance pattern ..about 13%... On the other hand, the average annual salary of a white-collar worker who becomes the center of the new acquisition of the house in one's thirties decreases the setback and the purchasing power and is assumed to be a rise of potential demand for the house for resale. market..maintain..strategy..discuss.

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The subsidiary of Toyota Motor and the Toyota home (Nagoyashi) clarified the new company in the house reform field on the 23rd and the policy of establishing it was clarified within the year. Chairman Teiji (63) of Tachibana answered the interview of this paper. The talent acceptance from Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. that the Toyota home invests is discussed.

The Tachibana chairman who has been serving as the chairman of Misawa concurrently since June「It is not possible to continue while overemphasized to building.
(The reform business. )I want to develop as early as possible. 」With the assertion lingua.

The idea of making the best use of the know-how of Misawa that handled the reform already and speeding up the diversification of the business was shown though the marketer of another capital was undertaking the reform business now. When the new company is established, it is coordinated as the reform associate company of the Toyota group.

When he enters the multiple dwelling house business for the senior citizen who established the medical treatment and the nursing facilities as an annex newly further, the Tachibana chairman is a clarification. The plan that uses results of Misawa subsidiary "Mazaas" that manages the nursing welfare institution, and constructs the first bounce in aichi prefecture Toyotashi within several years.

The house business of Toyota is consolidated in the Toyota home in October. The capital contribution is received from nine group companies such as Denso and Aisin Seiki according to this integration. The equity position is an outlook that becomes 10% or more.

The Tachibana chairman described, "I want to make the house related product of the group such as electric shutters of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. used also for Misawa".

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