Sere corporationの最近のブログ記事

Serecorporation (Tokyo Minatoku) that proposes the apartment building and management puts 'Cele friedo 0' on the market on May 8.

In this article, 'Merchandise without the shape decided beforehand' is a concept.

It aims at the long-run stability management that doesn't match the owner's request to branding and the productive efficiency of the manufacturer but stares ahead of that in addition 30 years later 20 years later, and it corresponds to an original design the budget matched to the owner's request and according to the demand based on five all types 20 kinds of externals recommendation styles.

Moreover, the characteristic of premises is used to its maximum, and the planning in the least 45.5Cm carving is possible.

Power for premises where shape and the characteristic of land are made the best use of in the maximum though the manufactured housing is exerted.

The tenant needs are analyzed based on the data that this company accumulated by the let management job and the feedback in merchandise at the same time. At the renewal, it proposes it to say nothing of building the apartment chosen as the tenant to needs in the age corresponding to flexibility.

Market targets are 200 houses a year. This series can provide plants and buildings of stable quality and accuracy according to the model that receives recognition and the authentication by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport by a proper price.

The information price is 1K(23.18 square m)- 49.8 million yen in 12 household type. The sales territory is assumed to be a metropolitan area (The center of one capital three prefectures).

It presents the booklet to explain know-how and the doubt etc. of the apartment management to the catalog claimant of "Cele friedo 0" plainly without omission by the cartoon and data free of charge now. 


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