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50,000yen .house-rent of one month.. yen or less in the room with ..Bath.. rest room in Tokyo 23 district.
The Web site where it introduces only such a cheap rental house collects topics.
When .."Value".. article is to tell the truth asleep a lot, it is Iu though it is known Tokyo that the high rent is the world according to the operating company.

"The house-rent is ..50,000 or less.. .com. " of the establishment last October.
Information on about 2,000 apartment and apartment houses is being provided by the Internet.
Most of 23 districts such as Setagaya, Nerima, and Edogawa is covered, and the majority are the rooms and Iu with the Bath rest room.

It is real estate brokerage house "Ray power home. " of Chiyoda Ward to manage.
President Norifumi Yoshioka (34)
It is said, "When 70,000 and 80,000 yen or more are Tokyo of the quotation, 50,000 yen or less the mat peels off and is the bath image that there is no Iu or the surprised customer is also more abundant , saying that 'It is unexpectedly good'".

The source
Mr./Ms. Yoshioka = Tokyo Ota ward http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0116/images/TKY201201160002.jpg that introduces article of 49,000 yen in house-rent monthly sum with http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0116/TKY201201160001.html Bath rest room

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It is features to suppress the cost.
The dwelling house of low rent or more is provided, it suffers a cut in income in the poor economy, it corresponds in the expenditure damping, and it corresponds to keen consumer needs.
It aims at the management of 1000 households in the whole country within three.

It secures it by hiring the weariness lingua dormitory facilities in five places in the whole country such as Tokyo and Hokkaido as the first bounce.
The kitchen is redecorated so that the tenant individual may cook for oneself, the IH heater does, and the tenant will be accepted plural installations and next April.

The handling meal doesn't put out management of the common bath and the rest room alone, and the monthly sum rent of the Tokyo internal article is set to 49,000 yen.


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The sense of low price in addition to the expansion of housing-related reductions rose, too and the tone in which it escapes from the fundus of gallbladder in the apartment house marketplace has become strong. Yasui "Receptacle apartment house" increases more than the quotation by about 20 percent after the new year, the distributor also is hardening the discount strategy, and, lately, it, is in the increase keynote the number to model rooms of those who come. However, there are a lot of skeptic perceptions in the point of getting on the ascent trajectory as it is. In the new supply, careful posture has not collapsed around a small and medium-sized developer.

- Movement chosen by charm

The apartment house sale number of houses in the metropolitan area of May that Japan Real Estate Research Institute in a private research company brought together on the 16th is 3538 households of the this moon proportion 19.4% previous year decrease, and serial for 21 months and setback linguas.
It is thought that the reason for becoming the minus consequentially is that the acreage estate company gives priority to the compression of the inventory, and a novel sale was controlled though it was expected that it changed to about 4500 households and increases of 2.5% increase at the stage May 18.

12,818 households of 26.7% decrease the total sale number of houses from January this year, and falling below greatly than the year-ago level are the realities. However, the voice with "The appreciable change is felt in the apartment house marketplace" (major acreage estate company) has increased to such an average. Actually, movement to switch to the offensive stands out between the major developers, too.

A novel article accounted for Daikyo that promptly applied the prospect to the inventory processing for 70 percent among the sale number of houses during the April-May. It had thought the agreement number of houses to be 30 percent extra food and "The user who chose by the charm of not price priority but the article began to move" (Public Relations Department) from the simulataneous period last year.

"Lions Tama-plaza Utsukushigaoka that the piece put on the market at the end of May" (Yokohamashi Aobaku)
In this article, the unit price for every 3.3 square meters is results of the exception in industry segments to which there is already purchase application in 28 Tochu 26 households put on the market though about three million yen and large amount of money, and the trade has changed slackly. The contract ratio of the first moon of the novel article that Tokyu Land also had put on the market in March showed extensive renovations from same month's of last year about 50% exceeding 80 percent.

Especially, "6 brands Gi" of the under construction : to the adjoining land of noted garden "6 Gi" of Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.   The good condition when 90 percent or more will be sold out in the sale three months. It has corresponded the price valuing through necessity as the new price that this company also discounted by about 20 percent in the apartment house in the Ibaraki Prefecture Moritani city at the end of last year is set.
It prepares the article with high commercial value like the environment-conscious type etc. and "The verification was good to be able to assess the value of the article duly and to incorporate the client who decided purchase" (management planning part) and confidence are deepened.
It schedules by the supply of five times the novel article in the latter six months of the term and Iu though this company supplied three novel articles this year.

- The land required for acquisition is ..recovering.. careful.

However, whether the seen active trade extends to the entire industry segments including a small and medium-sized trader is another in these examples that it talks. Many of proprietors are careful in the new acquisition of the apartment house land required for. Tokyu Land provided the land required for acquisition charge in the metropolitan area in April because it achieved information acquisition and the land required for selection with high accuracy in the land required for acquisition and the system according to the area placed in was provided.

The prudence is also persistent though it is true to have begun to see part brightness. It is expected that it will gradually face "Convalescence" from such a state of coexistence.

- The apartment house sale number of houses in metropolitan area

- Source http://www.business-i.jp/news/sou-page/news/200906170015a.nwc

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