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It was found that the vacant house where the resident did not exist went up to 49.0% of the whole for one year or more in the investigation of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport among vacant houses in the region where it left the Tokyo mind part more than 40 kilo. The let slowdown in demand exceeds 22.2% of the Tokyo section etc. by the efficient cause drastic. When the lessee evacuated it once in suburbs, the realities to which the following tenant did not show up easily stood out in relief against the center of a city regression of residential area advancement.

The diplomatic relation ministry is executing the vacant house investigation to activate the circulation of the existing housing every five years.
The answer was received from 510 owners in the vacant house this time.

The prolongment of the vacant house stood out especially Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa 4 inside a prefecture in leaving more than 40 kilo from the central area of Tokyo. When the commuting time to the center of a city takes one hour or more, is few a population and an original housing demand, and becomes a vacant house once, it seems to be difficult to find the following tenant in a short term.

As for the investigation of the implementation lingua Osaka core, the ratio of vacant houses of one year or more was high at the same time with 45.0%.

A lot of "Tenant's of the lessee etc. evacuations" is 57.1% in Tokyo suburbs in the cause (multiple answer) that became a vacant house, and 50.8% in Osaka. However, the implementation lingua was not filled, remained half the repair work to call in a new tenant in 30% in Tokyo suburbs, and it remained in 40% in Osaka.

The trend that the residential area moves to the central area of Tokyo continues in Tokyo in the background of declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people and growing numbers of nuclear families, etc.
The diplomatic relation ministry makes efforts to the activation of the circulation of secondhand housing aiming at effective use of the existing housing, and thinks that they want to put the brake on the prolongment of the vacant house in Tokyo suburbs etc.If what repair work is concretely done by the capture of transaction data of the house for resale, the indicator-making etc. that show how much the value added of the house rises are advanced.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The worst city in Vancouver in Canada is Africa in the livelihood Yasui city in the world.
・Chousab "Economist Intelligence Unit" of Britain magazine of capital Harare "Economist" of Zimbabwe was announced and such a consequence was announced by the implementation lingua investigation on the eighth.

EIU was investigated the livelihood and Susano of each city in the world about five items (the medical service, the public peace, the culture, the environment, the education, and the infrastructure improvement), shown by 100%(ideal) from 0%(It is unbearable), and ranked.

As a result, the city in Canada and Australia monopolizes six cities of tops 10.
Vancouver in 1st place obtained the assessment with "The favor by an advanced infrastructure of Canada was large" and won 98%. On the other hand, the low rank Harare did harm by "Zimbabwe situation to which the bewilderment continued" and was 37.5%.

Melbourne (Australia) and 4th place lead 3rd place though 2nd place is Wien in Austria and the city in Perth (Australia), 6th place Calgary (Canada), and Australia and Canada leads to Tronto (Canada) and 5th place.
Helsinki and 8th place of Finland stood in a row 7th place and Sydney and Zurich in Switzerland stood in a row in 9th place in the same point in Geneva in Switzerland.

Osaka is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in 13th place from Japan. Tokyo was 19th place as well as German Frankfurt an der Oder.

14th place of both ..Sweden.. Stockholm and German Hamburg ..comparatively.. ..the impression with the living Yasui country.. ..high Europe.. ..the above-mentioned... 21th place and German Berlin were 22th place.  17th place and Copenhargen in Denmark French Paris

Washington, D.C. lines up, and on the other hand, 35th place and Los Angeles line up and the city in the United States lines up from 30th place like 48th place etc. between 50th place.

It produces in 51th place as follows, and it produces in British Rondon and 52th place and a European city produces the face to Italian Rome etc. again. The low rank in the city in Western Europe was 63th place of Athens in Greece, and 81.2%.

On the other hand, the worst three is Algiers in Africa Algeria, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and the low rank Harare. The inside and the president Robert Mugabe who falls into the economic crisis are calling in Zimbabwe where Harare exists on the seventh, "Let's make Africa the continent of the request of all Africans". (c)AFP

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