Token Corporationの最近のブログ記事

Token Corporation (aichi prefecture Nagoyashi) constructed high earthquake-proof heavy light gauge steel make "Apartment with Shell TPII and furniture" that considered an earthquake performance of plants and buildings and indoor safety completely in Tottori prefecture Yonagoshi on April 29. This company is a start from May, '08 as for sales of the apartment with furniture. This time, it became completion of the first article.

The hazard to which furniture falls during the earthquake is decreased by adopting "Earthquake-proof type wall storage" that integrates the ceiling, the wall, and the floor without the niche. Moreover, the door installs Gattiri and "Perception type earthquake-proof latch" that doesn't open in the hanging cupboard, and the storage thing is prevented from falling while plants and buildings shake. Plants and buildings "Shell TPII" is a high design for earthquake-proof. Sales are possessed in 2003 and earthquake-proof strength which 1.5 times to the building standards law defines is possessed by "Out wall industrial method" of "High yield strength frame" to exercise one's power over the twist phenomenon due to the start and the earthquake and the patenting.

One room of plants and buildings is affranchised to attempt the cognizance of "Make to earthquake-proof the indoor" in this company, and the inspect privately association is held. Hold..May..(Saturday)..10:00AM to 5:00PM on 17th.


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