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The novel sale number of houses in May is a setback lingua of 3538 households and previous years of the this moon proportion 19.4% according to the apartment house market trend in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture and saitama prefecture) that Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced on the 16th. The minus is serial for 21 months.

The source

- Japan Real Estate Research Institute
09/06/16 version metropolitan area apartment house in May, 2009 and building house for sale market trend (PDF : 89KB) Http:// yuto.pdf at-sight

Japan is good country!
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Company "City planning Mitaka" of the third sector of Mitakashi established alternating current salon "Programarzcafe" in which programmers of the computer were able to do the information interchange in the Mitaka industry plaza (Shimorenjiyaku 3). The technological upgrading etc. of the programmer of free-lance speak by the aim in this company, "I want to make it to the place where a new business opportunity is created".

Mr. Toshinari (32) of programmer Kurabayashi in the city planned the cafe. Mr./Ms. Kurabayashi actually feels, "The computer industry segments do not have the alternating current at the engineer level compared with between managers" from the experience of the work of every day. It made up one's mind, and cooperation was requested to this company , saying that "I wanted to provide an opportunity was possible to meet periodically by the individual who acted.., and to attempt raising the level".

This company that advances the activation of the information-technology industry provides the hall with the conference room. The power supply and the network environment were maintained for those who brought the personal computer.

In the cafe, it opens on the fourth, and about 30 people are participation around 20-one's thirties. The alternating current was deepened as talking about the contents of each work and the knack of the technological upgrading etc.

Chief Kenji Ideta in this company IT business headquarters assumes, "It is few to actually match the face though a free programmer who doesn't belong to the company has the connection on online", and speaks, "I want to do to the saucer that expands the skirts of a mountain of the alternating current".

If it is interested person in the computer program, the cafe is good to the liberty at participation.
Mr./Ms. Kurabayashi is expecting it , saying that "Companions cooperate in candid atmosphere and a new project and the technology can be created".

The cafe : from 3 PM to 6 o'clock on Thursday every week. Capacity's registration fee is free by the first 30 people.
The inquiry is city planning Mitaka. - Please see the source in the where to make contact.

Programarzcafe (image) that * city planning Mitaka established Http://
It is planned in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam", and the construction of "..full scale.. largeness" Gundam view of 18 meters in height comes to an end. The minute paddle work for completion is advanced, and the imposing figure that stands in the woods in the park attracts attention in situ like Tokyo and Odaiba "Sea breeze park", etc.

The Gundam views are about 35 tons in weight. When light and the fog occur from 50 places (movable and the body), the cephalon is Iu.
It is open to the public free of charge on July 11th - August 31th in this park.

"Mobile soldier Gundam" is a robot animated cartoon broadcast in 79. It draws the tragedy of war, is unfolded hero Amuro and a profound human drama that makes rival's Shaa a center, is made to the series thereafter, and is popular in all parts of the world.
Image: Gundam view = AP of 18 meters in height that appears to "Sea breeze park" of Tokyo and Odaiba


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