Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. starts the business that changes it into the house to which a large scale redecorating is applied to a used multiple dwelling house in fiscal year 2012 if it is early and the home medical care and the nursing service are received.
Besides this, the plan etc. to make to the house where the person and the woman whom the hobby and the favor suit because of a large-scale redecorating live together mutually are prepared.
When the function and the usage of a used multiple dwelling house are changed, new value is added, and the charm of the redecorating business that this company handles is raised.
The know-how that accumulates by the large-scale redecorating business is taken to the function of the newly-built multiple dwelling house.

Redecorating to the multiple dwelling house in which it works on service for the senior citizen assumes the dimension of about 100 tenants.
Service like a large-scale hospital where expensive hospitalization expense is necessary can be provided at a low price.

The physical condition of every day is managed by arranging the sensor and the medical equipment to know tenant's state.
The emergemcy treatment is received early during the sudden illness in cooperation with the medical institution in the region.

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Http:// Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. price

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50,000yen .house-rent of one month.. yen or less in the room with ..Bath.. rest room in Tokyo 23 district.
The Web site where it introduces only such a cheap rental house collects topics.
When .."Value".. article is to tell the truth asleep a lot, it is Iu though it is known Tokyo that the high rent is the world according to the operating company.

"The house-rent is ..50,000 or less.. .com. " of the establishment last October.
Information on about 2,000 apartment and apartment houses is being provided by the Internet.
Most of 23 districts such as Setagaya, Nerima, and Edogawa is covered, and the majority are the rooms and Iu with the Bath rest room.

It is real estate brokerage house "Ray power home. " of Chiyoda Ward to manage.
President Norifumi Yoshioka (34)
It is said, "When 70,000 and 80,000 yen or more are Tokyo of the quotation, 50,000 yen or less the mat peels off and is the bath image that there is no Iu or the surprised customer is also more abundant , saying that 'It is unexpectedly good'".

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Mr./Ms. Yoshioka = Tokyo Ota ward that introduces article of 49,000 yen in house-rent monthly sum with Bath rest room

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Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced "High level and large amount of money rental unit investigation of Tokyo 23 district and 300,000 yen or more" consequence on the 8th.
The number of houses of a high-level rental unit became 299 as a whole and ..27,786.. household, and 3282 households from 39 investigations (November, 2008) last time were supplied newly.
In the monthly sum rent large amount of money article ranking, it replaced "Roppongi Hills condominium" to have done 1st place in the keep at the time of the investigation start of 2005, and "Daikanyama L. Tour" became top 5.31 million yen or less.

5.31 million yen or less and 2nd place were 4.5 million yen or less in "Roppongi Hills condominium" (Minatoku and 473 let households) in "Daikanyama L. Tour" (Shibuya Ward and 138 let households) ..monthly sum rent large amount of money article best 5.. ..1st place...
3 million 107 thousand yen and 5th place were 2.8 million continuously yen in "Manshonz the first in Azabu" (Minatoku) in "Shiroyama trust court" (Minatoku) in 3.3 million yen and 4th place in "Motoazabu Twins" (Minatoku) in 3rd place.

Moreover, 2.3 million yen and 3rd place of "Shinjuku L. Tour" (Shinjuku Ward) were 2.02 million yen of "Garden Takanawa" (Minatoku) ..monthly sum rent best 5 of the new supply article (completion after November, 2008).. ..1st place.. ..5.31 million yen and 2nd place of "Daikanyama L. Tour" (Shibuya Ward)...

Super-high-level rental units including the dwelling unit of the monthly sum rent one million yen or more are 63 and 7994 households (51 when investigating last time and 6582 households) among high-level rental units.
In each area, Minatoku was 651 households eight Chiyoda Wards, 45 households per one Chuoku, was 36, 5436 households, four Shinjuku Wards were 731 households, one Bunkyo Ward was 132 households, one Shinagawa Ward was 108 households, five Meguro Wards were 541 households, and seven Shibuya Wards were 350 households.

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- Japan Real Estate Research Institute

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