50,000yen..house-rent of one month.. yen or less in the room with ..Bath.. rest room in Tokyo 23 district.

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50,000yen .house-rent of one month.. yen or less in the room with ..Bath.. rest room in Tokyo 23 district.
The Web site where it introduces only such a cheap rental house collects topics.
When .."Value".. article is to tell the truth asleep a lot, it is Iu though it is known Tokyo that the high rent is the world according to the operating company.

"The house-rent is ..50,000 or less.. .com. " of the establishment last October.
Information on about 2,000 apartment and apartment houses is being provided by the Internet.
Most of 23 districts such as Setagaya, Nerima, and Edogawa is covered, and the majority are the rooms and Iu with the Bath rest room.

It is real estate brokerage house "Ray power home. " of Chiyoda Ward to manage.
President Norifumi Yoshioka (34)
It is said, "When 70,000 and 80,000 yen or more are Tokyo of the quotation, 50,000 yen or less the mat peels off and is the bath image that there is no Iu or the surprised customer is also more abundant , saying that 'It is unexpectedly good'".

The source
Mr./Ms. Yoshioka = Tokyo Ota ward http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0116/images/TKY201201160002.jpg that introduces article of 49,000 yen in house-rent monthly sum with http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0116/TKY201201160001.html Bath rest room

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