The apartment house sales in the metropolitan area (one capital three prefectures) are outlooks according to the apartment house market forecast in 2011 that Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced on the 20th that increase by the proportion 16.3% at the previous year, and become 50,000 households.
Sales change to the fair wind steady around the central area of Tokyo, and the tax break of the housing loan of the low interest rate and the government is increased 2 years in a row.
However, it is far to the level (60,000-80,000 households) before the Riemann shock, and the way of a real restitution is far.

The Tokyo section expects a regional break-down and things except 25,000 households of 24.0% increase and 23 district expect 4000 households of 9.0% increase.
As for the saitama prefecture, the decrease 1.3% every 5500 households is expected though Kanagawa Prefecture and 11,000 households and Chiba Prefecture of 11.7% increase are the increase expectation of 15.5% increase as 4500 households.

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"As for the article, a comparatively modestly-priced inside and small article of 100 households or less will become centers in the background of the poor economy though the good condition is expected at the central Tokyo center" It assumes it.

The Kinki region is an outlook that increases by 4.3% Osaka and the Kobeshi internal sales, and recovers to 24,000 households.

The source
- Japan Real Estate Research Institute http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/
10/12/20 metropolitan area in 2011 and the Kinki region apartment house supply market forecast (PDF file) Http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/Icm_Web/dtPDF/kisha/2011m-yosoku.pdf

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The Toyota home is low-priced house "LQ" of the iron frame prefab type that applied the mass production technology of the car on the 21st (ell queue) was put on the market. The idea of "Non-defective article low price" out which the Toyota Shou president of parent company Toyota Motor hung was applied to the house. From 430,000 yen of the net of tax every 3.3 square meters a0 percent (1 tsubo) in Yasui, and as the iron frame prefab, the sales price is industry segments all-time low level and Iu from a low-priced house of conventional this company.

LQ is a restrictive in typical 16 kinds like the rectangle etc. though the shape of the house was able to be chosen to be a liberty because it corresponds to premises of various shape conventionally. Most of materials is improved and the batch production doing and the volume efficiency have been improved like the car in the shop. The shape of materials devises, and has reduced the transportation cost to the construction site by 30 percent so that it is efficiently put on the track. When the price was suppressed without downgrading it, it is Iu.

In the Toyota home, up to now, the house of an inside and a high-priced cingulum was subjects. Chairman Teiji of conference lingua Tachibana described in the aichi prefecture bow city, "Try to provide the good one cheaply based on the income of young people having decreased in the depression".

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The outlook that Next that manages Real Estate Pages site "HOME'S" becomes 12,300 stores of the proportion 21% increase in number of merchants at the period on March, 2010 of the previous term is shown. Business to the metropolitan area such as metropolitan areas thinks that the client win pace is accelerated further from this term that became the proportion 15% increase of the previous term by the intensification.

The novel client's win is hurried up in let and the circulation company, etc. , and it ..the existing client's as client following post is newly established secession control.. tries newly from this term. The development room is assumed to be able to expect it enough from estimating the number of real estate stores of Japanese whole countries, and about 255,000 shops remaining of a present marketing rate in about 4.0% in this company. 



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