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Sumitomo Realty & Development of the real estate major (Tokyo) is three houses in a large-scale apartment house put on the market in Sapporoshi at current year, and the door-to-door delivery service in which the newspaper reaches home is introduced.

When the delivery member doesn't put in front of the room with the auto lock, the inconvenience where the resident should go to the mailbox of the first floor for taking is eliminated, and the differentiation is attempted, it is Iu.

To prevent the outsider's invasion in the apartment house of the auto lock, the newspaper is often received in the mailbox of the first floor. This company was sent and especially a lot of opinions "Going to the first floor to take a newspaper is troublesome" were sent in the implementation lingua questionnaire survey. Then, the key to non-contact type that the delivery member was able to unlock only at the delivery time decided to be passed in three houses. Information on the insertion leaving a room can be understood, the key can be used at once when losing, it loses, and safety is kept. When selling it, it includes it in the agreement. The this company apartment house business headquarters Sapporo branch assumes, "I want to eliminate the inconvenience while leaving the sense of security".

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