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The apartment house novel sale number of houses in November became 3679 households of the this moon proportion 0.8% increase of the previous year, and exceeded last year's results by serial for ten months according to the metropolitan area apartment house market trend that Japan Real Estate Research Institute of a private think tank had announced on the 14th.

The contract ratio during month is a log as for 80.4% and 80% or more since June.
70% that became the turning point of a good slump was exceeded by serial for 11 months.
The inventory became the decrease 121 household 4622 households at the previous month, and became a low level since September in the bubble economy era'90.
One doorstop average price was 48.67 million yen of the this moon proportion 4.8% increase of the previous year.

In this laboratory「Supplier's careful posture stands out though the market is bright. The inventory is few, and the width of the selection of the purchaser is smalls. 」With the indication.
Moreover, it thinks the future to be "This year's supply reaches 43,000 households of the expectation at first, and will increase up to about 50,000 households next year" (same as above).

In the regional sale number of houses, Tokyo sections are 1932 households of the this moon proportion 5.9% previous year decrease, outer area of Tokyo is 260 households of 35.4% increase, Kanagawa Prefectures are 770 households of 38.5% increase, saitama prefectures are 307 households of 16.1% decrease, and Chiba Prefecture is 410 households of 14.6% decrease.

The sale number of houses of the Kinki region in November is 2055 households of 1.6% decrease, and the price is 33.47 million yen of 0.5% increase.
The contract ratio is 70.8%.

The source
- Japan Real Estate Research Institute http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/

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Hotel development site acquisition/Apaglup in "Hatchobori" station of Keiyou Line buckwheat noodle.

Apa group announced the purchase of the hotel development land required for to Tokyo Chuoku Shintomicho on the 27th.

The same land required for is a position in center on the business street of the good access for which Tokyo metro Hibiya Line "Hatchobori" JR Keiyou Line and three minutes and two lines of the station shank's pony can be used. 9 stories and the architectural area about 2,000-square meter and the number of of guest room about 120 rooms are scheduled, and it aims at the practice during fiscal year 2010.

Policy of positive acquisition of hotel development land required for in Metropolitan area in the future around in Tokyo, and advancing development of novel hotel. The hotel under management is acquired, and the hotel regeneration business that attempts the administrative improvement is advanced in the provincial city.


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