The subsidiary of Toyota Motor and the Toyota home (Nagoyashi) clarified the new company in the house reform field on the 23rd and the policy of establishing it was clarified within the year. Chairman Teiji (63) of Tachibana answered the interview of this paper. The talent acceptance from Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. that the Toyota home invests is discussed.

The Tachibana chairman who has been serving as the chairman of Misawa concurrently since June「It is not possible to continue while overemphasized to building.
(The reform business. )I want to develop as early as possible. 」With the assertion lingua.

The idea of making the best use of the know-how of Misawa that handled the reform already and speeding up the diversification of the business was shown though the marketer of another capital was undertaking the reform business now. When the new company is established, it is coordinated as the reform associate company of the Toyota group.

When he enters the multiple dwelling house business for the senior citizen who established the medical treatment and the nursing facilities as an annex newly further, the Tachibana chairman is a clarification. The plan that uses results of Misawa subsidiary "Mazaas" that manages the nursing welfare institution, and constructs the first bounce in aichi prefecture Toyotashi within several years.

The house business of Toyota is consolidated in the Toyota home in October. The capital contribution is received from nine group companies such as Denso and Aisin Seiki according to this integration. The equity position is an outlook that becomes 10% or more.

The Tachibana chairman described, "I want to make the house related product of the group such as electric shutters of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. used also for Misawa".

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The novel sale number of houses in May is a setback lingua of 3538 households and previous years of the this moon proportion 19.4% according to the apartment house market trend in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture and saitama prefecture) that Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced on the 16th. The minus is serial for 21 months.

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- Japan Real Estate Research Institute
09/06/16 version metropolitan area apartment house in May, 2009 and building house for sale market trend (PDF : 89KB) Http:// yuto.pdf at-sight

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A finished type of complex "Central project of the Nagoya prime" of the high rise apartment and the office building that was the under construction was opened on old Nagoyashi traffic bureau Nagono sales office (same city Nishiku) site in front of Nagoya Station in the locale on the 20th.

As for in a severe economic situation since last autumn's Riemann shock and the moving rate of the office building, in the apartment house building, one household of the ceiling price 350 million yen that exists on the 29th floor in the garret remains unsold by 65%.
The plan by a famous designer in Italy with furniture was removed and it cut the price though a first 500 million yen.

The complex is about 9700 square meters in the premises area.
The composition in the apartment house and 23 story office building in 134 households. Gross business expense is 33 billion yen.

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次のカテゴリはTokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitamaです。