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The novel sale number of houses in May is a setback lingua of 3538 households and previous years of the this moon proportion 19.4% according to the apartment house market trend in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture and saitama prefecture) that Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced on the 16th. The minus is serial for 21 months.

The source

- Japan Real Estate Research Institute
09/06/16 version metropolitan area apartment house in May, 2009 and building house for sale market trend (PDF : 89KB) Http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/Icm_Web/dtPDF/kish yuto.pdf at-sight

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The sense of low price in addition to the expansion of housing-related reductions rose, too and the tone in which it escapes from the fundus of gallbladder in the apartment house marketplace has become strong. Yasui "Receptacle apartment house" increases more than the quotation by about 20 percent after the new year, the distributor also is hardening the discount strategy, and, lately, it, is in the increase keynote the number to model rooms of those who come. However, there are a lot of skeptic perceptions in the point of getting on the ascent trajectory as it is. In the new supply, careful posture has not collapsed around a small and medium-sized developer.

- Movement chosen by charm

The apartment house sale number of houses in the metropolitan area of May that Japan Real Estate Research Institute in a private research company brought together on the 16th is 3538 households of the this moon proportion 19.4% previous year decrease, and serial for 21 months and setback linguas.
It is thought that the reason for becoming the minus consequentially is that the acreage estate company gives priority to the compression of the inventory, and a novel sale was controlled though it was expected that it changed to about 4500 households and increases of 2.5% increase at the stage May 18.

12,818 households of 26.7% decrease the total sale number of houses from January this year, and falling below greatly than the year-ago level are the realities. However, the voice with "The appreciable change is felt in the apartment house marketplace" (major acreage estate company) has increased to such an average. Actually, movement to switch to the offensive stands out between the major developers, too.

A novel article accounted for Daikyo that promptly applied the prospect to the inventory processing for 70 percent among the sale number of houses during the April-May. It had thought the agreement number of houses to be 30 percent extra food and "The user who chose by the charm of not price priority but the article began to move" (Public Relations Department) from the simulataneous period last year.

"Lions Tama-plaza Utsukushigaoka that the piece put on the market at the end of May" (Yokohamashi Aobaku)
In this article, the unit price for every 3.3 square meters is results of the exception in industry segments to which there is already purchase application in 28 Tochu 26 households put on the market though about three million yen and large amount of money, and the trade has changed slackly. The contract ratio of the first moon of the novel article that Tokyu Land also had put on the market in March showed extensive renovations from same month's of last year about 50% exceeding 80 percent.

Especially, "6 brands Gi" of the under construction : to the adjoining land of noted garden "6 Gi" of Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.   The good condition when 90 percent or more will be sold out in the sale three months. It has corresponded the price valuing through necessity as the new price that this company also discounted by about 20 percent in the apartment house in the Ibaraki Prefecture Moritani city at the end of last year is set.
It prepares the article with high commercial value like the environment-conscious type etc. and "The verification was good to be able to assess the value of the article duly and to incorporate the client who decided purchase" (management planning part) and confidence are deepened.
It schedules by the supply of five times the novel article in the latter six months of the term and Iu though this company supplied three novel articles this year.

- The land required for acquisition is ..recovering.. careful.

However, whether the seen active trade extends to the entire industry segments including a small and medium-sized trader is another in these examples that it talks. Many of proprietors are careful in the new acquisition of the apartment house land required for. Tokyu Land provided the land required for acquisition charge in the metropolitan area in April because it achieved information acquisition and the land required for selection with high accuracy in the land required for acquisition and the system according to the area placed in was provided.

The prudence is also persistent though it is true to have begun to see part brightness. It is expected that it will gradually face "Convalescence" from such a state of coexistence.

- The apartment house sale number of houses in metropolitan area

- Source http://www.business-i.jp/news/sou-page/news/200906170015a.nwc

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Sumitomo Realty & Development of the real estate major (Tokyo) is three houses in a large-scale apartment house put on the market in Sapporoshi at current year, and the door-to-door delivery service in which the newspaper reaches home is introduced.

When the delivery member doesn't put in front of the room with the auto lock, the inconvenience where the resident should go to the mailbox of the first floor for taking is eliminated, and the differentiation is attempted, it is Iu.

To prevent the outsider's invasion in the apartment house of the auto lock, the newspaper is often received in the mailbox of the first floor. This company was sent and especially a lot of opinions "Going to the first floor to take a newspaper is troublesome" were sent in the implementation lingua questionnaire survey. Then, the key to non-contact type that the delivery member was able to unlock only at the delivery time decided to be passed in three houses. Information on the insertion leaving a room can be understood, the key can be used at once when losing, it loses, and safety is kept. When selling it, it includes it in the agreement. The this company apartment house business headquarters Sapporo branch assumes, "I want to eliminate the inconvenience while leaving the sense of security".

- Sumitomo Realty & Development(8830)

- Source

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The living Yasui city is the Britain magazine of Osaka in Vancouver and Japan in the world.

The worst city in Vancouver (Vancouver) in Canada is the capital Harare in Africa Zimbabwe in the livelihood Yasui city in the world (Harare). ――Chousab "Economist Intelligence Unit (Economist Intelligence Unit,EIU)" of Britain magazine "Economist (Economist)" was announced and such a consequence was announced by the implementation lingua investigation on the eighth.

EIU was investigated the livelihood and Susano of each city in the world about five items (the medical service, the public peace, the culture, the environment, the education, and the infrastructure improvement), shown by 100%(ideal) from 0%(It is unbearable), and ranked.

As a result, the city in Canada and Australia monopolizes six cities of tops 10. Vancouver in 1st place obtained the assessment with "The favor by an advanced infrastructure of Canada was large" and won 98%. On the other hand, the low rank Harare did harm by "Zimbabwe situation to which the bewilderment continued" and was 37.5%.

Melbourne (Melbourne and Australia) and 4th place lead 3rd place though 2nd place is Wien (Vienna) in Austria and the city in Perth (Perth and Australia), 6th place Calgary (Calgary and Canada), and Australia and Canada leads to Tronto (Toronto and Canada) and 5th place. Helsinki (Helsinki) and 8th place of Finland stood in a row 7th place and Zurich (Zurich) in Sydney (Sydney) and Switzerland stood in a row in 9th place in the same point in Geneva (Geneva) in Switzerland.

Osaka is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in 13th place from Japan. Tokyo was 19th place as well as German Frankfurt an der Oder (Frankfurt).

Comparatively, both 14th place from high Europe.  the impression with the living Yasui country Stockholm (Stockholm) and German Hamburg (Hamburg) in Sweden besides the above-mentioned21th place and German Berlin (Berlin) were 22th place.  17th place and Copenhargen (Copenhagen) in Denmark French Paris (Paris)

Washington, D.C. (Washington direct current) lines up, and on the other hand, 35th place and Los Angeles (Los Angeles) line up and the city in the United States lines up from 30th place like 48th place etc. between 50th place.

It produces in 51th place as follows, and it produces in British Rondon (London) and 52th place and a European city produces the face to Italian Rome (Rome) etc. again.
The low rank in the city in Western Europe was 63th place of Athens (Athens) in Greece, and 81.2%.

On the other hand, the worst three is Algiers (Algiers) in Africa Algeria, Dhaka (Dhaka) in Bangladesh, and the low rank Harare. Inside and President Robert Mugabe (Robert Mugabe) who falls into the economic crisis are calling in Zimbabwe where Harare exists on the seventh, "Let's make Africa the continent of the request of all Africans".


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Mr. and Mrs. Calderon who had stayed in Japan kept running away from Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau authorities in Japan for 15 years or more.
The escape from Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau authorities started at the time made a passage for Japan by the forged passport in 1993.

It will be discovered by authorities, and, after all, Japan be deported though they kept hiding themselves.
The daughter of 13 years is left.

Mr. and Mrs. chose the road of the homecoming so that Japan might remain the daughter.
It is because of the alert that the Japanese Government repatriates all members if two people do not return home.
In the interview with the airport after it returns home, Mr. and Mrs. are answering that the thing that returns to Japan is hoped for.
Mr. and Mrs. are the hoof kippers including the work search for the re-entry country to Japan.

Noriko is going to the junior high school in Tokyo now.
Because only Japanese was able to be spoken, she was left in mother's sisters' origins.

Mr. Shorea albida is able not only to speak Japanese fluently but also even the Japanese sees eyes, the pallors, the crew-cut hairs, and its eyebrows, etc.

The reason why Noriko can speak only Japanese is answered so.
「Noriko selected Japanese. It is because of the talk of Japanese her friend and classmate are Japanese. 」

Mr. Shorea albida says at the end.
「Noriko is 16 or it is likely to be naturalized in Japan if becoming 18 years old. When becoming it so, the daughter is sure to request our settling down license from the government. And, it is possible to live again in three families. 」


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The first clerical level association ..the entire times.. was held the 14th in Otashi in which it served as the chairman city of "Foreigner collective housing city meeting" in April.
Formal acquisition of membership etc. of Isesakishi that became the third in the prefecture following Oizumimachi were reported to be a same city.

The Sagi Shimizu mayor in Otashi「It is cities, towns, and villages that the Japanese and the foreigner are probiosis Shite and defend. It is important to recognize subjects not the country but we again. 」It asked and it called the person in charge of the each one rule body.

This meeting starts in ten Sandu City such as Hamamatsushi to solve the problem that the city where a lot of foreigners such as Japanese brazilians live has in 2001.
Each city is an information interchange, cooperates, and the amelioration etc. of the education, welfare, and the alien registration procedure have been demanded from the country.
Isesakishi and Shiga Prefecture Koka City are added at 09 fiscal years, and 27 cities join.

The period is two years until March, '11.
The head and the intelligent people gather and discussed "Foreigner collective housing city meeting Ota 2009" is scheduled in the city on November 26.


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Company "City planning Mitaka" of the third sector of Mitakashi established alternating current salon "Programarzcafe" in which programmers of the computer were able to do the information interchange in the Mitaka industry plaza (Shimorenjiyaku 3). The technological upgrading etc. of the programmer of free-lance speak by the aim in this company, "I want to make it to the place where a new business opportunity is created".

Mr. Toshinari (32) of programmer Kurabayashi in the city planned the cafe. Mr./Ms. Kurabayashi actually feels, "The computer industry segments do not have the alternating current at the engineer level compared with between managers" from the experience of the work of every day. It made up one's mind, and cooperation was requested to this company , saying that "I wanted to provide an opportunity ..it was possible to meet periodically by the individual who acted.., and to attempt raising the level".

This company that advances the activation of the information-technology industry provides the hall with the conference room. The power supply and the network environment were maintained for those who brought the personal computer.

In the cafe, it opens on the fourth, and about 30 people are participation around 20-one's thirties. The alternating current was deepened as talking about the contents of each work and the knack of the technological upgrading etc.

Chief Kenji Ideta in this company IT business headquarters assumes, "It is few to actually match the face though a free programmer who doesn't belong to the company has the connection on online", and speaks, "I want to do to the saucer that expands the skirts of a mountain of the alternating current".

If it is interested person in the computer program, the cafe is good to the liberty at participation.
Mr./Ms. Kurabayashi is expecting it , saying that "Companions cooperate in candid atmosphere and a new project and the technology can be created".

The cafe : from 3 PM to 6 o'clock on Thursday every week. Capacity's registration fee is free by the first 30 people.
The inquiry is city planning Mitaka. - Please see the source in the where to make contact.

Programarzcafe (image) that http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/tokyo/20090608/CK2009060802000101.html * city planning Mitaka established Http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/tokyo/20090608/images/PK2009060802100018_size0.jpg
It is planned in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam", and the construction of "..full scale.. largeness" Gundam view of 18 meters in height comes to an end. The minute paddle work for completion is advanced, and the imposing figure that stands in the woods in the park attracts attention in situ like Tokyo and Odaiba "Sea breeze park", etc.

The Gundam views are about 35 tons in weight. When light and the fog occur from 50 places (movable and the body), the cephalon is Iu.
It is open to the public free of charge on July 11th - August 31th in this park.

"Mobile soldier Gundam" is a robot animated cartoon broadcast in 79. It draws the tragedy of war, is unfolded hero Amuro and a profound human drama that makes rival's Shaa a center, is made to the series thereafter, and is popular in all parts of the world.

Image: Gundam view = AP of 18 meters in height that appears to "Sea breeze park" of Tokyo and Odaiba

Recently, the Bes well in which it works on the project, development, and sales of the material of the quotient related to health is a dissemination lingua as for the consciousness investigation consequence concerning the businessman's movement on the weekday.

The implementation of this investigation on 15th - 18th in May of 2009 for 600 businessmen 20-in his fifties who work in Tokyo 23 district.
It looked for sensorium to the movement on the weekday.

As a result, the answer of "Considered it" rose to 60 percent or more of taking the movement on weekdays together with "Considered it" (28.2%) and "Consider it a little" (36.2%).
However, the person who was doing some movements on the other hand on weekdays became 39.2%, and the current state from which the difference was seen was clarified in sensorium and the performance.

Moreover, popularity is 47% of the movement on the weekday in "Walking". 30.5% actually became and, next, "Commute" became 17.0% of "Come home" a lot among the people who were practicing walking.

In addition..actually..walking..do..walk..distance..train..station..section..majority..exceeding..support..collect..station..walk..businessman..increase..possibility..look for.
Hereafter, 2nd place was 21.6% in "500m-1km (By about one section of the bus stop)".

Get on a route different from the train used because of commuting every day the other day.
There are obviously a lot of Number of Passengerses with the usual route.
Where are a lot of routes that are in the route in the subway in Tokyo? the Number of Passengers thought then by chanceDoubt.

By the way, there is the subway in Tokyo by the Tokyo metro and are 9 routes and 13 route of four routes in total under metropolitan management subways.
First of all, when the Number of Passengers during year in each route was heard from announcing to public the Tokyo metro and the under metropolitan management subway (Tokyo traffic bureau), ...... in the following consequences.

- Tokyo..metro line..Number of Passengers..ranking..Tozai Line..2nd place..Hibiya Line..3rd place..Chitoda Line..4th place..Marunouchi line..5th place..Ginza Line..6th place..Yurakuchou Line..7th place.  Hanzoumon Line/311.42 million people (about 851,000 people) 8th place: Oedo Line/286,024,062 people (781,487 people) 9th place: Shinjuku line/236,636,616 people (646,548 people) 10th place: Asakusa line/228,279,253 people (623,714 people) 11th place: Sanda line/201,551,845 people (550,688 people) 12th place: Nanboku Line/158.57 million person (about 433,000 people) reference: Sub civic center line/28.3 million people(about 234,000 people)
- In parentheses, the average Number of Passengers during a day.
Tokyo metro, Tokyo traffic bureau, and 2007 fiscal year results. The sub civic center line is results from June to September, 2008.

It is surprised for the consequence with most Tozai Line to have thought 1st place to be Marunouchi line or Chitoda Line might personally for a moment.
When the reason is heard from the Tokyo metro Public Relations Department, .......
「The working kilometer must be the longest by 30.8km and our company route. Assume the business street named Otemachi, Nihonbashi, and Kayabacho in Tokyo that is the center to be an operational base. Place along railway-tracks must include Koto Ward where the population growth is remarkable and Ichikawashi, etc.
 I think that the reason includes figure by the direct driving of the JR line and the Toyo fast lane as for the improvement of the facility. 」

It did not know that Tozai Line was the longest .......
Then, will crowding be also Tozai Line?When the vehicle occupancy at the morning rush is heard, .......

- The ranking of rate of passenger the first place of subway and morning rush of Tokyo: 199%/Tozai Line (lumber yard → Monzennakacho) 2nd place: 181%/Chitoda Line (Machiya → Nishinippori) 2nd place: 181%/Shinjuku line (Nishioshima → Sumiyoshi) 4th place: 178%/Oedo Line (Monzennakacho → Tsukishima) 5th place: 173%/Yurakuchou Line (Higashiikebukuro → Gokokuji) 5th place:, 173%/Hanzoumon Line (Shibuya → Omotesando) 7th place: 168%/Ginza Line (Akasaka-mitsuke → reservoir Sanno) 8th place: 164%/Hibiya Line (Minowa → Iriya) 8th place: 164%/Sanda line (Nishisugamo → Sugamo) 10th place: 159%/Marunouchi line (Shin-Ohtsuka → Myogadani) 11th place: 150%/Nanboku Line (Komagomi → Honkomagome) 12th place: 133%/Asakusa line(Honjo-azumabashi → Asakusa)
- 2007 fiscal year results. The sub civic center line is the data none.

Tozai Line both of 1st place with the Number of Passengers ranking during year though the order varies considerably. Be by Tozai Line of there are a lot of Number of Passengerses in the subway in Tokyo and congestion like regulations.

Incidentally, station best 10 with a lot of numbers of passengers during a day was heard.

- One daily mean at station getting on and off number of men ranking
- Tokyo metro
1st place: Ikebukuro/491,958 people
2nd place: Kita-Senju (Chitoda Line)/317,816 person 3rd place: Otemachi/294,236 person 4th place: Ginza/274,842 person 5th place: Shibuya (Ginza Line)/258,609 person 6th place: Shinjuku/240,984 person 7th place: Shinbashi/217,790 person 8th place: Field/211,749 person 9th place: Takadanobaba/187,458 person 10th place: Nihonbashi/174,483 people
- 2007 fiscal year results. The direct report station with the other companies is excluded.

- Under metropolitan management subway
1st place: Shinjuku (Shinjuku line)/118,515 person 2nd place: Bakuroyokoyama/102,169 person 3rd place: Roppongi/96,362 person 4th place: Sugamo/89,798 person 5th place: Nihonbashi/85,831 person 6th place: Ichigaya/84,936 person 7th place: Kudanshita/82,878 person 8th place: Otemachi/79,093 person 9th place: Shinbashi/78,139 person 10th place: Shinjuku (Oedo Line)/76,955 people
- 2007 fiscal year results

Ikebukuro is very Dantots. There is what only four companies' riding though it is made to make to another, JR, Tobu in the Tokyo metro, and Seibu.
Kita-Senju in 2nd place : for a moment though it was unexpected.
Four companies (the Tokyo metro, JR, Tobu, and the metropolitan area new city railway (Tsukuba express)) are riding here.

Do when the person who thinks about the move and the transfer refers?Can you use it as a material of the story in the train?

Shiki Theatre Company announced that they constructed new drama place "Theater summer at the four seasons" in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo on the eighth.
It is scheduled to open the doors with the exclusive use theater of this theatrical company in the tenth theater in front of JR Oimachi Station next spring.
The number of seats is about 1200 seats, and the building cost is about two billion yen. Musical "Billy Elliot" that controls ten crowns like the work prize etc. in this year's Tony Award is one and Iu by the candidate though the repertoire of the scale drop is a under discussion, too.

- Image http://www.shiki.gr.jp/images/main_visual090608.jpg

- Shiki Theatre Company

- Source
After the war, the Tokyu Jiyugaoka station square (Meguro Ward, Tokyo) to which it hardly transmogrified it is greatly reborn for 60 years. The for pedestrian space is expanded, it makes to barrier-free, and it is moved to "Triangular plaza" in which the goddess view of the symbol of the town that exists up to now in the rotary midrange is newly established in the south. It aims at the place where a new culture and the alternating current are invented though original scenery of Jiyugaoka is left.
The maintained door entrance ..2011 Toshiharu.. ..eye.. is seen.

A present station square is about 2,000 square meters, and it maintains it in the 10's of the Akira Kazuji after World War Two. Goddess view "Cuu ()" produced by recipient of the Order of Culture's carver and the late Mr. Masahiro Sawada, and was built in 1961(1961) age. The plaza was not repaired drastic, and afterwards, the town became the young person and a woman as "Fashionable spot" and the narrowness of the footwalk became a problem, too, as it became popular and the number of visitors increased.

In the plan of Meguro Ward, making to barrier-free is aimed at by the repair, and the footwalk is expanded drastic.
The footwalk is widened on not only the station square but also a peripheral district road. The get on and off place of the car only for the physically handicapped person is newly established, the difference is lost, and the textured tile is maintained. The core becomes a taxi pool that up to now, not is.

The newly established triangular plaza goes out of the wicket and is used with a left about three Hiyachacata meter in the event of local like Setsfesta and the goddess festival, etc.The goddess view moves too much by ten meters now, and is set up in this plaza.

To be familiar as the meeting spot, the transfer was decided about the position of the goddess view though there was an opinion that recommended the wicket front that seemed that it went out of the station while talking about local with the maintenance plan soon, too. The implementation will be designed in the future, and it constructs it by the end of the coming year.

- In front of Jiyugaoka Station where a lot of pedestrians come and go. Http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/national/news/images/PK2009060902100137_size0.jpg to which repair such as widening footwalk is done

- Source
The average number of passengers's of a day of Tsukuba express (TX) that connects Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukubashi with Tokyo and Akihabara having exceeded 270,000 target people at the practice has understood the 25th.

The log lingua of 270,500 people in April according to the operated metropolitan area new city railway. This target is made assumption that discusses the drawer to Tokyo Station, and the place along railway-tracks affiliate in both cities in the oak and Nagareyama is welcoming it , saying that "The momentum adheres to the Tokyo drawer by the satisfactory expansion".

The practice of this line on August 24, 2005. 150,700 day people on the average got on according to the metropolitan area new city railway at the first year. Afterwards, it kept increasing, and it reached 1.79 times at the first year in this April. The expansion was especially large, and the total of two city five station doubled from 35,400 of the first years to 72,000 people inside a prefecture.

Especially, an increase of three stations of Minaminagareyama Station connected with the lobus campus station of the Nagareyama crust Takano forest station and the oak that opens a large-scale commercial facility around the station and the JR Musashino Line stands out. The estate development of place along railway-tracks advanced, and the population of Nagareyamashi reached 160,000 people for about 152,000 people at the practice in April this year.

At first, the metropolitan area new city railway hung out "Cancel it the accumulated deficit in making to the surplus and 40 years of 20 years".
It is expected that accomplishment of a goal acts rashly for one year because the abundance pattern will be expected as for the number of getting on in the future though it aimed at getting on 270,000 people a day per ten practice fiscal year of five years.

To achieve the drawer plan to Tokyo Station, three cities (Kashiwashi, Nagareyamashi, and Ibaraki Prefecture) in place along railway-tracks etc. have demanded from the metropolitan area new city railway etc.Yoshiharu Isaki and the head of Nagareyamashi are pleased , saying that "At this occasion, I want to tie to achievement including a concrete discussion of the Tokyo drawer as soon as possible". When cooperation in the TX Tokyo drawer etc. were demanded from the prefecture on the 25th, the Isaki mayor and Akira Honda and the head of Kashiwashi are Iu.

- It apologizes to the road and the resident.

A regional council with the airport neighbourhood in the road for the arrival and departure slot  enlargement of the new Chitose airport and Tomakomaishi was opened after an interval of about six years on the night of the third. It dared not to take up from the front, and it apologized for current correspondence formally for this day though the road as soon as possible that wanted to enter the conference of the arrival and departure slot  of new Chitose. Haneda Airport..distensio..leave..time..few.
Are the resident's understanding and consent obtained?

- Priority substance conference postponement of the warming relationship.

In a regional council on this day, 21 three district representatives in Uenae under the road, Tomakomaishi, and the sea route, Numanohata, and Yufutsu are the participation linguas.

At the beginning, vice-governor Osamu Takai touched past details, and apologized , saying that "I apologize sincerely because it renewed on this occasion" , saying that "Indeed feel sorry to annul the construction of the second terminal building one-sidedly because of the road side about the glide slope extension problem".

With the ingluvies food「The reinforcement of the airport works by first priority as a the greatest difficulty of the road politics. I want to advance the discussion with sincerity with everybody in local. 」It described.  

The person in charge on the road mentions the effect according to the arrival and departure slot  enlargement as a general rule(1)The metropolitan area and the Kansai circle are good at the next-day delivery of fresh goods at the (3) midnight when the efficiency improvement of the change with the international mail of Haneda Airport where management of (2)24 hours when the width at the action time of the domestic flight use extends is begun can be attempted by the use of time zone. ――It enumerated it.  

The voice to make the discomfort feeling demonstrative was raised from one of the residents to a top absence , saying that "Is there nothing from the governor, too?", too.
After the council had ended, vice-governor Takai clarified, "I want to make the occasion described from the governor at proper time".
The worst city in Vancouver in Canada is Africa in the livelihood Yasui city in the world.
・Chousab "Economist Intelligence Unit" of Britain magazine of capital Harare "Economist" of Zimbabwe was announced and such a consequence was announced by the implementation lingua investigation on the eighth.

EIU was investigated the livelihood and Susano of each city in the world about five items (the medical service, the public peace, the culture, the environment, the education, and the infrastructure improvement), shown by 100%(ideal) from 0%(It is unbearable), and ranked.

As a result, the city in Canada and Australia monopolizes six cities of tops 10.
Vancouver in 1st place obtained the assessment with "The favor by an advanced infrastructure of Canada was large" and won 98%. On the other hand, the low rank Harare did harm by "Zimbabwe situation to which the bewilderment continued" and was 37.5%.

Melbourne (Australia) and 4th place lead 3rd place though 2nd place is Wien in Austria and the city in Perth (Australia), 6th place Calgary (Canada), and Australia and Canada leads to Tronto (Canada) and 5th place.
Helsinki and 8th place of Finland stood in a row 7th place and Sydney and Zurich in Switzerland stood in a row in 9th place in the same point in Geneva in Switzerland.

Osaka is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in 13th place from Japan. Tokyo was 19th place as well as German Frankfurt an der Oder.

14th place of both ..Sweden.. Stockholm and German Hamburg ..comparatively.. ..the impression with the living Yasui country.. ..high Europe.. ..the above-mentioned... 21th place and German Berlin were 22th place.  17th place and Copenhargen in Denmark French Paris

Washington, D.C. lines up, and on the other hand, 35th place and Los Angeles line up and the city in the United States lines up from 30th place like 48th place etc. between 50th place.

It produces in 51th place as follows, and it produces in British Rondon and 52th place and a European city produces the face to Italian Rome etc. again. The low rank in the city in Western Europe was 63th place of Athens in Greece, and 81.2%.

On the other hand, the worst three is Algiers in Africa Algeria, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and the low rank Harare. The inside and the president Robert Mugabe who falls into the economic crisis are calling in Zimbabwe where Harare exists on the seventh, "Let's make Africa the continent of the request of all Africans". (c)AFP

- Source

News that the summer bonus decreases recently that suffers a recession flows, too user's buying intention gets cold more and more, and the saving preference just rises.

5.5 million yen house (*) sold as single family assistance project the 30th anniversary "New residence 55" attracts by Aqura
 home ..under such a situation.. and attracts attention as overturning the stereotype should so "....", and "The maintenance of the high quality though used economy" lingua and a house that not is before.

When it extends from popular though this house was limited release until April 1st - May 25th also after June, and the order is accepted until June 28, it is Iu.
From Saitama New Urban Center Station to 5.5 million yen house of 2 stories that are at 8 minutes on foot visit of My Komi journal editorial staff this time

I hear that the outside wall material can have done the choice according to seven blade 31 colors though externals of the exhibited house are based on dark Gray and white.
The inside is very openhearted though the total floor area is 60.39 square m. A breadth enough to live by the married couple.
Wide bathroom of one tsubo and full wall large storage. In addition, an earthquake-proof level of substance is excellent also in the highest 3 and the earthquake-resistance.

The feature of this house is to consider designing. Because the design code is adopted for the introspection and each externals, "The design of the consequence and externals that stick to the introspection is and there is no worry named Imaiti. "
It is made absorbing everywhere as for posture in which it sticks to the design though the cost is cut as a rectangle that designs and is high is used for the watershoot seen from the table front, and the sheet metal is used for the fascia board that disappears in the watershoot.

The inquiry number of cases is 10,000 or more. What is 5.5 million yen house of the topic?
As for 5.5 million yen house of Aqura
 home, the one-storied house construction (48.74 square m) and 2 types of two stories (60.39 square m) are prepared.
The one-storied house construction makes three person family that the baby boom generation and two stories have the married couple or one child of the young generation a target, and when it is high, needs from the baby boom generation are Iu in as many as two stories.

Director of Public Affairs Takayuki Horikoshi of the Aqura
 home announcing to public
It speaks with "The price range of 5.5 million yen might look attractive for the people of the baby boom generation with a difficult union of the housing loan in the future though it has broadened so that the child may ..home.. lean, and the dwelling house where it lives may live by two people".

The agreement number is expected to go up the inquiry number of cases with Setokiten in May and 11,481 to go up to 50.
The cost cutting and the as much as three million yen reason are in the reduction in drastic uselessness.
When about 8.5 million yen is a quotation when 5.5 million yen house is similarly built in the custom-built house of this company, it is Iu.
Was the cost cutting of indeed three million yen how done and achieved?

The reason was concealed at 5.5 million yen house Noi barrel.
For instance, because the cross was able to be omitted by using the decorated plaster board, the cost down of about 1,200 yen for one square m was enabled though the ceiling generally pasted the cross to plasterboard. Moreover, it makes to the same finish as the room in this house, the rail is applied to the ceiling, and the state only of hanging the closet door though the inside in the closet of the second floor usually pastes plywood etc.
It succeeded in being able the omission of the partition of the floor, and saving 17,000 yen.

However, "is not" that has shaved costs. For instance, the closet greatly stores it by the full use of the wall.
If the rail in the ceiling is removed, it is possible to use as a room, and it is excellent in the practicability. The part where the cost cutting was attempted omits such extra equipment, and is Iu when going up to 100 remainder.

The upgrade to You bet it is can be attempted. For instance, if the amount is added as an option, it is possible to switch to the built-in kitchen with the tableware washing dryer with all slides according to the door type.
It thinks the door to be enough from a practicable standpoint of using kitchen. Because 5.5 million yen house uses economy as much as possible, it equips it very simple. The option to match to needs there was prepared and the line improved, and a wide alternative was prepared for the customer. (Mr. Horikoshi)

Moreover, it is Iu when there is a reason unexpected to have put equipment with a high grade such as unit bath of one-tsubo size of the door phone with the television and barrier-free.
For us, it stocks with a large amount of equipment and materials by the batch, and figure descends the cost down. The one not widespread to the marketplace such as the door phones that have not adhered small unit bath and the television rises in the cost from among that though the high of the quality was arranged at a low price. (same as above)

The project house like externals and the room arrangement, etc. basic designed beforehand is secrets of the cheapness.
Besides this, the advertisement was reduced as much as possible, and the consequence of the approach notified around its own WEB site was connected with the cheapness of 5.5 million yen.

The stereotype is stricken and destroyed.
There might be a reader who holds the stereotype "Yasui = low grade" hearing 5.5 million yen, too.
The power of which it makes a special mention especially is in overturning such a stereotype though terrible in this house was some described.

There was an anxiety, too, when this project was started. For instance, there must not be entrance hall. It went in by the front door and living was a conception soon about which it did not think easily. However, making such as apartments that was often, and it was able to be accepted to the customer that it began easily. 」。

"or more Gorgeousness" Aqura
 home tending increasing of number of houses where Shi material and equipment are used that thought about house by going back to the starting point recently.
The house expense is suppressed to cheapness though uniting the housing loan of 35 years, and living in a high-level house are one alternatives, and you may exist the alternative of richly living at the allotment to child's education expense and leisure, etc. or old ages.
I want to expect it of the deployment of this company that makes the chance to provide the user with such an alternative in the future.

It is targeted to live "House for 200 years. " and (long-run premier house) during the high quality and the generation several, and the payout period puts fixed-rate housing loan "Flat 50" of 50 years at most on the market in the beginning of in June the housing loan support mechanism of the executive agency.

Purpose to reduce repayment forehead during year of user, and to press spread of house for 200 years when prices are about 20 percent higher than general. The effect that supports the house buying and selling that drops by economic environment progression of the disease below is expected.

The payout period of flat 50 is 50 years or less of 36 years or more, and individuals who buy a long-run premier house where earthquake-proof, durability, and a barrier-free function, etc. fill the constant level in the country are financing objects.
The user pays off or returns it to full 80 years old at two parent and child generations.

Expectation that interest rate rises a little at most than application interest rate of flat 35 of 35 years.
The application interest rate of flat 35 in May is 4・02-3・07% every the payout period 21 years or more.

This mechanism ..quota share of the article price of the financing of flat 50.. is fastened in consideration of the default risk. The user will use it in combination with other Loon etc.

The super long-run housing loan of 36 years or more in the payout period includes Loon etc. for 45 years of the variation and the fixed rate selection type that Resona Bank is selling for the newly-built article including a general house.

- Executive agency housing loan support mechanism http://www.jhf.go.jp/

- Source http://www.47news.jp/CN/200905/CN2009052301000640.html
A new law that aims at the spread of the house where it keeps living across several generations seems to be enforced on the fourth of next month, and to extend movement to construct the house where durability and the earthquake-resistance are high.

When this law recognizes, chart funnel Iu "Long-run premier house spread facilitate method", and the municipality is "Long-run premier house" the spread of the house where the quality in which it lasts long strongly is high, property tax and the real estate acquisition tax are reduced. The basis of durability and an earthquake-resistance constant as the pillar is made fat is filled, the house where asset value is not decreased easily even if the reform will do in the future and designing live in the Yasui way long by the condition of recognition is spread, and there is an aim of activating the secondary market of the house for resale, too.

Moreover, to promote the construction of "Long-run premier house" even by housing-related reductions included in the economic measures of the government, the favorable treatment to which reduction of taxes is received up to the greatest six million yen that is one million yen more than a across-the-board house is taken.

The major housebuilders will switch the house that will be constructed in the future to "Long-run premier house" as a rule, and movement to construct the house where durability and the earthquake-resistance are high seems to extend on from the fourth of next month the enforcement of the law.

- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport"Long-run premier Housing Act relevant information"

- Source
The bargain sale of the apartment house seems ..June.. to start. The purpose is to complete in last summer, and for the newly-built article that remains unsold by progression of the disease of the real estate market to come the time limit that can be advertised, "Build" until the July-September. The observation with "Movement that discounts another step before it becomes difficult to sell no singing as building in one year and sells it out might become strong" (affiliate) is persistent in industry segments. Big purchase time comes at the bonus season.

「The article is a still be doubled and is attached though advanced to some degree at Golden Week holidays of May by the inventory disposal. It sells cheap in June.   」

Major acreage estate company's executive specifies it so.

In unjustifiable premiums and the misleading representation control acts, the period that can be advertised, "Build" about the apartment house etc. is provided less than one year from the completion of the article. When it is passed, a special newly built condominium comes to be written in the advertisement etc. as "Shinko" and "Unmove" articles.

"The article loses a little before the time limit of 'Build' cuts because it becomes difficult for the image to fall, and to sell and, however, gives priority to selling out , saying that 'Shinko' and 'Unmove'"'s (affiliate) is usual of the real estate industry field.

Previous major acreage estate company's executive's predicting for a big wave to sell cheap to come in June also makes the time limit that can be written, "Build" a rationale approach.

「It completed last July-September, and the article that remains unsold is Tomiru who still remains correspond even though the number of dealer's inventories has decreased fairly. The sales offensive that strengthened the one-step in June of reverse operation Shite ,in a word, the discount battle will start , considering assuming that the time limit of building these articles cuts sequentially after the end of this June, and taking 2-3 weeks to purchase applicant's housing loan review. 」(executive of major acreage estate company)

How is there an apartment house of completion during seeming the target July-September for the bargain sale?

The apartment house novel sale number of houses in the metropolitan area on July last year was 3554 households according to Japan Real Estate Research Institute. The influence of the poor economy of the finance crisis was received, and same month's contract ratio greatly fell below 70% that was the standard of a good slump, and dropped up to 53.5%. 2041 households are put on the market in August, and the contract ratio is 70.9%. 2427 households were put on the market, and 60.1% in September. The contract ratio languished by 60% level until February this year.

The apartment house remains unsold thus, and do ..bargain sale.. fermentation of the trader in the inventory piling up. It changes extremely like 10,885 households inventories in the metropolitan area as for July last year, 10,504 households as for August, and 10,411 households as for September in the healthy trend. About 9000 households still remain unsold though it decreased up to 8791 households in April this year.

To my joy, when it seems to come out by a considerably good price, such an article is Iu for the purchase applicant.

- Source http://www.zakzak.co.jp/top/200905/t2009052934_all.html


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