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News that the summer bonus decreases recently that suffers a recession flows, too user's buying intention gets cold more and more, and the saving preference just rises.

5.5 million yen house (*) sold as single family assistance project the 30th anniversary "New residence 55" attracts by Aqura
 home ..under such a situation.. and attracts attention as overturning the stereotype should so "....", and "The maintenance of the high quality though used economy" lingua and a house that not is before.

When it extends from popular though this house was limited release until April 1st - May 25th also after June, and the order is accepted until June 28, it is Iu.
From Saitama New Urban Center Station to 5.5 million yen house of 2 stories that are at 8 minutes on foot visit of My Komi journal editorial staff this time

I hear that the outside wall material can have done the choice according to seven blade 31 colors though externals of the exhibited house are based on dark Gray and white.
The inside is very openhearted though the total floor area is 60.39 square m. A breadth enough to live by the married couple.
Wide bathroom of one tsubo and full wall large storage. In addition, an earthquake-proof level of substance is excellent also in the highest 3 and the earthquake-resistance.

The feature of this house is to consider designing. Because the design code is adopted for the introspection and each externals, "The design of the consequence and externals that stick to the introspection is and there is no worry named Imaiti. "
It is made absorbing everywhere as for posture in which it sticks to the design though the cost is cut as a rectangle that designs and is high is used for the watershoot seen from the table front, and the sheet metal is used for the fascia board that disappears in the watershoot.

The inquiry number of cases is 10,000 or more. What is 5.5 million yen house of the topic?
As for 5.5 million yen house of Aqura
 home, the one-storied house construction (48.74 square m) and 2 types of two stories (60.39 square m) are prepared.
The one-storied house construction makes three person family that the baby boom generation and two stories have the married couple or one child of the young generation a target, and when it is high, needs from the baby boom generation are Iu in as many as two stories.

Director of Public Affairs Takayuki Horikoshi of the Aqura
 home announcing to public
It speaks with "The price range of 5.5 million yen might look attractive for the people of the baby boom generation with a difficult union of the housing loan in the future though it has broadened so that the child may ..home.. lean, and the dwelling house where it lives may live by two people".

The agreement number is expected to go up the inquiry number of cases with Setokiten in May and 11,481 to go up to 50.
The cost cutting and the as much as three million yen reason are in the reduction in drastic uselessness.
When about 8.5 million yen is a quotation when 5.5 million yen house is similarly built in the custom-built house of this company, it is Iu.
Was the cost cutting of indeed three million yen how done and achieved?

The reason was concealed at 5.5 million yen house Noi barrel.
For instance, because the cross was able to be omitted by using the decorated plaster board, the cost down of about 1,200 yen for one square m was enabled though the ceiling generally pasted the cross to plasterboard. Moreover, it makes to the same finish as the room in this house, the rail is applied to the ceiling, and the state only of hanging the closet door though the inside in the closet of the second floor usually pastes plywood etc.
It succeeded in being able the omission of the partition of the floor, and saving 17,000 yen.

However, "is not" that has shaved costs. For instance, the closet greatly stores it by the full use of the wall.
If the rail in the ceiling is removed, it is possible to use as a room, and it is excellent in the practicability. The part where the cost cutting was attempted omits such extra equipment, and is Iu when going up to 100 remainder.

The upgrade to You bet it is can be attempted. For instance, if the amount is added as an option, it is possible to switch to the built-in kitchen with the tableware washing dryer with all slides according to the door type.
It thinks the door to be enough from a practicable standpoint of using kitchen. Because 5.5 million yen house uses economy as much as possible, it equips it very simple. The option to match to needs there was prepared and the line improved, and a wide alternative was prepared for the customer. (Mr. Horikoshi)

Moreover, it is Iu when there is a reason unexpected to have put equipment with a high grade such as unit bath of one-tsubo size of the door phone with the television and barrier-free.
For us, it stocks with a large amount of equipment and materials by the batch, and figure descends the cost down. The one not widespread to the marketplace such as the door phones that have not adhered small unit bath and the television rises in the cost from among that though the high of the quality was arranged at a low price. (same as above)

The project house like externals and the room arrangement, etc. basic designed beforehand is secrets of the cheapness.
Besides this, the advertisement was reduced as much as possible, and the consequence of the approach notified around its own WEB site was connected with the cheapness of 5.5 million yen.

The stereotype is stricken and destroyed.
There might be a reader who holds the stereotype "Yasui = low grade" hearing 5.5 million yen, too.
The power of which it makes a special mention especially is in overturning such a stereotype though terrible in this house was some described.

There was an anxiety, too, when this project was started. For instance, there must not be entrance hall. It went in by the front door and living was a conception soon about which it did not think easily. However, making such as apartments that was often, and it was able to be accepted to the customer that it began easily. 」。

"or more Gorgeousness" Aqura
 home tending increasing of number of houses where Shi material and equipment are used that thought about house by going back to the starting point recently.
The house expense is suppressed to cheapness though uniting the housing loan of 35 years, and living in a high-level house are one alternatives, and you may exist the alternative of richly living at the allotment to child's education expense and leisure, etc. or old ages.
I want to expect it of the deployment of this company that makes the chance to provide the user with such an alternative in the future.


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