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Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced "High level and large amount of money rental unit investigation of Tokyo 23 district and 300,000 yen or more" consequence on the 8th.
The number of houses of a high-level rental unit became 299 as a whole and ..27,786.. household, and 3282 households from 39 investigations (November, 2008) last time were supplied newly.
In the monthly sum rent large amount of money article ranking, it replaced "Roppongi Hills condominium" to have done 1st place in the keep at the time of the investigation start of 2005, and "Daikanyama L. Tour" became top 5.31 million yen or less.

5.31 million yen or less and 2nd place were 4.5 million yen or less in "Roppongi Hills condominium" (Minatoku and 473 let households) in "Daikanyama L. Tour" (Shibuya Ward and 138 let households) ..monthly sum rent large amount of money article best 5.. ..1st place...
3 million 107 thousand yen and 5th place were 2.8 million continuously yen in "Manshonz the first in Azabu" (Minatoku) in "Shiroyama trust court" (Minatoku) in 3.3 million yen and 4th place in "Motoazabu Twins" (Minatoku) in 3rd place.

Moreover, 2.3 million yen and 3rd place of "Shinjuku L. Tour" (Shinjuku Ward) were 2.02 million yen of "Garden Takanawa" (Minatoku) ..monthly sum rent best 5 of the new supply article (completion after November, 2008).. ..1st place.. ..5.31 million yen and 2nd place of "Daikanyama L. Tour" (Shibuya Ward)...

Super-high-level rental units including the dwelling unit of the monthly sum rent one million yen or more are 63 and 7994 households (51 when investigating last time and 6582 households) among high-level rental units.
In each area, Minatoku was 651 households eight Chiyoda Wards, 45 households per one Chuoku, was 36, 5436 households, four Shinjuku Wards were 731 households, one Bunkyo Ward was 132 households, one Shinagawa Ward was 108 households, five Meguro Wards were 541 households, and seven Shibuya Wards were 350 households.

The source
- Japan Real Estate Research Institute http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/

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The apartment house novel sale number of houses in November became 3679 households of the this moon proportion 0.8% increase of the previous year, and exceeded last year's results by serial for ten months according to the metropolitan area apartment house market trend that Japan Real Estate Research Institute of a private think tank had announced on the 14th.

The contract ratio during month is a log as for 80.4% and 80% or more since June.
70% that became the turning point of a good slump was exceeded by serial for 11 months.
The inventory became the decrease 121 household 4622 households at the previous month, and became a low level since September in the bubble economy era'90.
One doorstop average price was 48.67 million yen of the this moon proportion 4.8% increase of the previous year.

In this laboratory「Supplier's careful posture stands out though the market is bright. The inventory is few, and the width of the selection of the purchaser is smalls. 」With the indication.
Moreover, it thinks the future to be "This year's supply reaches 43,000 households of the expectation at first, and will increase up to about 50,000 households next year" (same as above).

In the regional sale number of houses, Tokyo sections are 1932 households of the this moon proportion 5.9% previous year decrease, outer area of Tokyo is 260 households of 35.4% increase, Kanagawa Prefectures are 770 households of 38.5% increase, saitama prefectures are 307 households of 16.1% decrease, and Chiba Prefecture is 410 households of 14.6% decrease.

The sale number of houses of the Kinki region in November is 2055 households of 1.6% decrease, and the price is 33.47 million yen of 0.5% increase.
The contract ratio is 70.8%.

The source
- Japan Real Estate Research Institute http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/

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The apartment house sales in the metropolitan area (one capital three prefectures) are outlooks according to the apartment house market forecast in 2011 that Japan Real Estate Research Institute announced on the 20th that increase by the proportion 16.3% at the previous year, and become 50,000 households.
Sales change to the fair wind steady around the central area of Tokyo, and the tax break of the housing loan of the low interest rate and the government is increased 2 years in a row.
However, it is far to the level (60,000-80,000 households) before the Riemann shock, and the way of a real restitution is far.

The Tokyo section expects a regional break-down and things except 25,000 households of 24.0% increase and 23 district expect 4000 households of 9.0% increase.
As for the saitama prefecture, the decrease 1.3% every 5500 households is expected though Kanagawa Prefecture and 11,000 households and Chiba Prefecture of 11.7% increase are the increase expectation of 15.5% increase as 4500 households.

This laboratory
"As for the article, a comparatively modestly-priced inside and small article of 100 households or less will become centers in the background of the poor economy though the good condition is expected at the central Tokyo center" It assumes it.

The Kinki region is an outlook that increases by 4.3% Osaka and the Kobeshi internal sales, and recovers to 24,000 households.

The source
- Japan Real Estate Research Institute http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/
10/12/20 metropolitan area in 2011 and the Kinki region apartment house supply market forecast (PDF file) Http://www.fudousankeizai.co.jp/Icm_Web/dtPDF/kisha/2011m-yosoku.pdf

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