Expected to exceed Daikyo by the supply number of houses plan ranking of the apartment house of fiscal year 2010 by Mitsui Fudosan

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Expected to exceed Daikyo by the supply number of houses plan ranking of the apartment house of fiscal year 2010 by Mitsui Fudosan, and springing up to the head position for the first time have understood the 27th.
The purpose is for Mitsui Real Estate to be planning a large-scale apartment house lotting out centering on the central area of Tokyo, and the supply suppresses Daikyo of the setback outlook, and it becomes top.
"Crustal alteration" that Daikyo that has led for a long time gives yield one's first place to an integrated real estate of zaibatsu-affiliated is caused by the supply of the apartment house lotting out.

The variation of the ranking was clarified in "Nationwide house and apartment house supply investigation" that Japan Real Estate Research Institute and the market economy laboratory had announced on the 27th.
The supply of Mitsui Fudosan cash register Xylia kerrii Cial of the head position is an expectation of becoming 5400 households of the preceding fiscal year proportion 16.1% increase and drastic increases according to the investigation.
On the other hand, Daikyo is an outlook that decreases to 4300 households of 16.0% decrease, is pulled out by Sumitomo Realty & Development (4500 households), and falls to 3rd place.
However, because Towa Real Estate (3600 households) in Mitsubishi Estate (2500 households) in 7th place and 5th place consolidates it in January, '11, it is substantially certain that the Mitsubishi Estate group becomes a head position.

Expectation that Daito Trust Construction that rose to the top for the first time last year defends the top to the last in 53,200 households of 10.2% increase in electric supply plan ranking of detached house 2 years in a row. 2nd place is 36,900 households of 1.2% increase in Daiwa House Industry, and 3rd place plans 26,000 households of 34.9% decrease in Reo Palace 21.

The implementation of this investigation is the 11th in this year. It investigated during the May-June of this year this time, and the valid response was obtained from 133 companies in the apartment house and 273 companies in the house.

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