The case where a Chinese rich layer in which it lives in mainland China buys the real estate of Japan-domestic by the purpose of the investment etc. has stood out recently.

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The case where a Chinese rich layer in which it lives in mainland China buys the real estate of Japan-domestic by the purpose of the investment etc. has stood out recently.

Acreage estate company Yuesmanegements (Toshima Ward, Tokyo) chiefly holds building for Chinese and the buying and selling of a used apartment house and the investment instrument. It seems to be certain that the inquiry from China and the sea has increased.

- 23 district internal apartment houses are the aim eyes for about 100 million yen.

「The budget is about 100 million yen, and has a lot of inquiries from the well-to-do population which it looks for in the investment ..Tokyo 23 district internal apartment house.. purpose. It has already had plural real estates in China, and the person with the real estate of Japan as a risk sharing want is most. However, sales might increase in the future though it doesn't sell easily like electrical appliances, too. 」
It takes and the company rep is expected.

Hokkaido that became the stage of a smash hit lingua Chinese movie in 2008 is high popularity, too.

The subsidiary and the Nitori public (Sapporoshi) of furniture, the interior sales major, and Nitori complete the villa area for a Chinese rich layer by the under construction in Chitoseshi by the end of July, 2010. 30 million yen level furniture and with the interior of Nitori including land, and all of the 17 houses are the absorption linguas. In addition, there is pulling against each other from about 100 people, and the construction project at the second stage is advanced according to the person in charge of this company of the villa business development.

The China Investment management (Tokyo Chuoku) manages portal site "Core Mad at the day" concerning Japan, and works on a travel to Japan for a Chinese rich layer and various services concerning the business. The introduction and the real estate tour of Real Estate Pages of Japan are executed, and four pair eight investors are the participation linguas in the 1st tour on 3rd - 4th in April of 2010 from Shanghai. It holds it in the moon afterwards by several-time paces.

President and Representative Director Shin Yen
「It is likely to correspond individually because there are a lot of busy people such as managers. Each one might pay the making a passage expense and sojourn expense and it participate, and it is seriously expected that it will not consider it and turns. 」
It speaks. 

Chinese who lives in mainland China stands out and : the real estate of Japan-domestic for about one year coming purchase according to president Shin.

I think, real estate this "Purchase" of Japan.
One is a case bought by the investment purpose. All land should return the country the residential real estate with the national property in 70 years in China. It is said that real estate burst of the economic bubble is a matter of time recently, and there are a lot of well-to-do populations in which the real estate is bought for foreign countries. I hear that property prices might have especially fallen nearing from China, and Japan's person thought to be "Purchase" is a lot of.
The one that the second type wants to have urban country house and resort typing Sho.
The budget is wide from 10 million to several hundred million yen.

President Shin reveals it , saying that "The voice that it wants to expect the foreigner who consists of Chinese to be buying many of real estates more than the latter half 100 million yen of Chinese's property investment temperature in the real estate industry field in the current state rises".

On the other hand,
It is spoken, "There is the person that it wants to buy it wisely neither situation for each hand nor being buying it almost if there is a good article though there was a report that a Chinese rich layer hunts the real estate of Japan".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!





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