7.3 million yen of last year for refuse disposal 114 tons

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  - Restrictive and 500 yen a person in September
 - 7.3 million yen of last year for refuse disposal 114 tons
Kawasakishi decides between utilization times for one month of September, and executes a social experiment to which the fee collects, too from garbage and the noise that the people who are barbecues (BBQ) in the Tamagawa River river terrace put out are and there is problem Tona. The Kao investigation into which the trouble action changes very and it probat it by clarifying the rule. When it is unusual, such an experiment is Iu also in the whole country according to the city. 【 riverside Tomoko ]

For problem Tona, it is in the surrounding of Tokyu Denentoshi Line Futakoshinchi Station (same city Takatsuku) nearby twin pons that it is. The river terrace is ownership of the country, and the city borrows it free of charge. 500 yen is collected more than the school child one person the enclosure of about four hectares with the hedge, and providing the acceptance in the entrance. It limits it at 6:00AM - between utilization times 6:00PM (Entrance : until three o'clock).

This place came to be known for 96 years as a popular barbecue point according to the city, and about 100,000 people a year visited last year. A large amount of accrual of garbage becomes a problem on the other hand, and the city sets up the garbage marshaling yard in 05. The city bears the transaction cost, and the amount of the garbage in fiscal year 2009 is 114 tons, and the charge has mounted up to about 7.3 million yen.

The conference will be piled up by persistent dissatisfaction with "The user should bear responsibility", and setting up "Barbecue strategy meeting" that exchanged Setagaya Ward, Tokyo in the resident and the opposite bank etc. in January this year in such a current state in local, and the city work on the experiment.

The implementation period is 1st - 30th in September. Bringing such as high-into-the air fire works and musical instruments with a lot of complaints from the resident in is prohibited. The city has the policy of settling on a proper project after the opinion is raised from the citizens next January based on this result. The inquiry : to city Tamagawa River measure promotion section (044・200・2232).


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