Exclusive use marketing corps inauguration of apartment house "musicion" that sound insulating properties are high ・・・ Rib Laon

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Rib Laon (Itabashi Ward, Tokyo) in Manshonde Loppa started the land use part where it proposed rental unit "musicion" that sound insulating properties are high to the landowner in April. The system systematically done business is straightened, and the development of "musicion" is hardened.

"musicion" is an adoption lingua apartment house as for the clan interception structure. Musical instruments etc. can be indoors played. This company plans, and has constructed "Mugetion" of four houses so far. The hardware side stacks know-how on management, management, and the Leasing side from the beginning, and does the business development that makes the best use of them.

 「80 percent of the person who has actually moved is a member of society though it tends to be seemed that Mugetion targets Otodaib. It is people who play the piano, the guitar, and saccus, and compose by themselves. 」The tenant layer is wide as Tashiro Satoshiot Director-General in the this company land use part talks.

In "musicion" of three houses, operating now, tenant's alternating current is actively done as the concert and the concert are held by the first floor.

"It becomes the charm of this original article, and lead to the differentiation. "(Tashiro Director-General)

The house-rent is Iu from the height of the scarcity value when there is an article that applies 1.5 times the quotation, too.

Moreover, after it moves when building it, the length of the moving period is current one of the features as there are a lot of people who keep living for six years, too. The moving rate is 95% on the average. The e-mail magazine member of the moving waiting exceeds 1000 people.

 「The maintenance of years since construction of the moving rate that being possible to pass is high can be done by squeezing the target to a peculiar layer of favorite music. It wants to make the best use of the know-how that has been cultivated so far, and to support the land owner's effective use. 」


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