Individual investment seminar to American attachment article ・・・ Succession support net

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The succession support net (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) holds "Unique investment method under the world economy contrary wind" and the title lingua seminar on Sunday, May 31.

The sub-title"Individual investment to American attachment article that became only still possible"

It is assumed that real estate burst of the economic bubble begins to bear a new aspect in the real estate marketing, and providing with the assistance investment program from foreign countries became possible as a property investment in the United States in drastic falling in price of the share and the real estate, etc.  It searches for the charm of the investment to the American auction sale real estate property that runs to circumstances of Japanese, English, and the Japan-U.S. two countries through the seminar and has achieved the mediation of the positive of an American real estate property with the investor in Japan.

The seminar : from 13:15 to 15 o'clock. An individual consultation is scheduled during one hour from about 15 o'clock.

It is free for the registration fee, and the hall is the 21st floor in the Odakyu hotel Century Southern tower. (The nearest is two ..JR Shinjuku Station Southern terrace wicket shank's pony.. minutes. )

The Lee bun capital group to the support. The inquiry : to the succession support net headquarters.