Reception trouble household

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The apartment house where the reception facilities for "Reception trouble household" that the television is hard to see because of the shadow of the apartment house were repaired to the ground-based digital broadcasting correspondence remains in 14%. ――。Such a result came out for nationwide apartment house management union federation's (all Canren) investigation. The way things are out..worry.

The schedule was sent to 3234 of 29 administrative divisions apartment and lot offered for sale management unions last December, and 1459 was answered. 480 are in the apartment house where the reception facilities for the analog broadcasting are provided for the reception trouble household, and "It schedules and exist" of 13.9% and repairs is 8.5% in the repair by the ground Dege correspondence. About 77% was untouched.

It is assumed that the digital spectrum is stronger than the analog spectrum in the reception trouble, and the country expects, "It is considerably eliminated".
However, there is a difference by the place, and the situation investigation of the hertzian wave is needed in seeing whether to be eliminated.
The apartment house who has made the investigation was about 20.4%, and it remained in 36.1% including the schedule.
The C/W was only 11.1% in the conference with the vicinity like the burden etc. of the repair expense.

The apartment house and facilities for the reception trouble caused by Biru etc. are about 50,000 according to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.
The repair burden of facilities ..discussion between parties.. came as a basis. However, facilities where correspondence was finished at the end of last year : by about 10 percent. It refrained from analog in July, '11, and this ministry started the promotion of the research expenditure and the repair expense on the 11th this month. Research expenditures are judged from the seriousness degree most, and when the burden of one household exceeds 35,000 yen by half the price of the the greatest, the repair expense promotion is limited.

When dissatisfaction with "Why should the management union bear responsibility though the ground Dege making is state measures?" stood out in the investigation of all Canren, too it is Iu. The Tanigaki Chiaki Director General of all Canren「Because the chargeout twines, the discussion is difficult only in the private organization. I want you to provide the assistance of the required research expenditure and the institution that mediates. 」It speaks.  (band Mayumi)

- Six-May 16, year News Source 2009:20





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