The university and the office hotel are developed on the university site.

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Completion "Shibaura Renesite" is on the ninth.  redevelopment "Shibaura Lnesait" of an organic city planning university site by industry-academics cooperationThe university of the redevelopment of the university site is centered and the chemical composition of "City planning council". Attention is attracted as the first "Redevelopment by industry-academics cooperation" in Japan that does the city planning in cooperation with the private business.

The university and the office hotel are developed on the university site.

Let's easily describe details that this project is developed.
Because a suitable city planning was achieved from "Tamachi" station of JR along with the campus relocation of old and whereabouts Shibaura Institute of Technology about the site in the 21st century at 2 minutes on foot, the business partner selection competition by Shibaura Institute of Technology was executed.
The consequence, the Nippon Steel Corporation urban development, Nippon Real Estate plants and buildings Ltd., and Toda Construction Co., Ltd. of the competition were chosen as a partner, and it became today's development.

Waiting is composed of C block of B block where "Shibaura Lnesaitotawar A block and the office building" (the 19th floor on steel structure ground subbasement) that requires "Shibaura Institute of Technology Shibaura campus" (the eighth floor on steel framed reinforced concrete structure ground one floor in the underground) is located and "Tamachi hotel Grace Lee" (the 11th floor on the reinforced concrete ground and 216 the number of total guest rooms rooms).

"Environment", "Spectacle", and "Disaster prevention" are key words.

In "Shibaura campus city planning council" started to achieve the project, when an active conference concerning both sides of hard software was done 30 times or more, it is Iu.
In "City planning guideline" settled on in this council, the development concept "Creation of a legend of the history and new wisdom" was shown. The clear concept indeed that was established in 1927, and became familiar with the locality only in Shibaura Institute of Technology that takes root from of old on this ground.

What city planning does want to have been executed here based on this guideline, and to live in detail by Mite.
The key word of this guideline is "Environment", "Spectacle", and "Disaster prevention. "

First of all, the revegetation of Kinoki of "Ode in Shibaura" and about 35 modalities and about 3,300 title Shite on "Environment" side to green about 40% of the development area. In "Spectacle", "It was gradual" unification feeling was given as it designed the facade by the stress of the length line to plants and buildings of each square, and the pilotis to produce an openhearted space was adopted, and the entire waiting was made a spectacle with the oneness.

The interesting one is "Disaster prevention. ""Shibaura Lnesait contingency planning report association" is started up in three square cooperation at the disaster, features of each square are made the best use of, and the assistance activity such as providing with water and the food vessel is executed.
At the university, facilities in the classroom etc. are provided in a time of disaster as the refuge opened by the local populace. The office provides the drinking water that is in preparation for the disaster prevention stockpile warehouse besides affranchising it to the region by setting up the rest room for the disaster of a manhole and directly connected type. In addition, when the hotel also bears the function as the second refuge based on the definition of the district, it is Iu.

Because urban function in which it can contribute to region by all squares at disaster has been achievedIf the above-mentioned disaster prevention function exerts the effect in full scale, three squares become key points of waiting, and will be able to increase not only the asset value of plants and buildings but also the charm of waiting greatly.

"Report association" of three square cooperation is Machio management and manages it.

In the city planning, it is "Maintenance. " of waiting becoming the liver needless to say. Having been established to manage Machio along the guideline lasting long is "Shibaura Lnesait city planning report association. "
When not only three squares in this meeting but also the report association is held periodically to contribute to the development of the surrounding area, and the argument of the information interchange and the management solution, etc. is advanced, Iu. When the regional contribution activity etc. are discussed, the contents of the activity is expected by Iu.

Moreover, there is not a be absorded in in effective use of the space in "Shibaura Lnesait" either. When the unused classroom in the Shibaura campus at the vacation etc. is affranchised to the moving enterprise and the hotel affiliate in the office building, it is Iu. On the other hand, being able to enjoy the priority reservation system of the hotel have made the best use of the advantage only of the compound development for the affiliate in the university and the office without reserve.
Not only the waiting user of three squares but also effective use of this space might be able to be lent to the event in the region, and to make a regional contribution an embodiment further.

The event, and it is a local populace and alternating current.

Various events were held to attempt the alternating current with the neighbourhood on the waiting bill Kino same day. The disaster prevention event caused by event "Robot assembly experience" that made the best use of the characteristic only of the engineering university and the incorporated nonprofit organization was executed, and the hall showed a serious bustle in families etc.It did not end because of development of "Point" alone, and the reporter felt that "Respect" development in a true meaning was able to be achieved though an indescribably mysterious spectacle that the office building overflowed with the child. I think that it sees the appearance of the city planning of ideal of organically related with the local populace each other, and developing Machio.

Not only the square but also how the cooperation of the local shopping street and the local populace can be done will become a difficulty in the future. It is necessary to execute it such an event is not made the transitory one but continuously. If "Study" is centered, and the place of the learning of the open lecture etc. that cooperate with the shopping street is provided, the city planning will be brewed to the more organic one.