Type for depression of business

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"Type for depression of business" apartment house that Haseko Corporation marketed is popular. The start lingua is power that has already sold 59 Tochu 36 households, and seems to be sold all before consecutive holidays from this March as for sales.

Because this suppressed the cost of construction by dropping "Unnecessary" threshold, about 10% Yasui : from the vicinity article of this condition. For instance, the apartment house also usually completely includes a hanging door of the shelf of the shoe cabinet of standard equipment and the rest room and kitchens and fixed closets, etc. by the disposer and no water purifier and no IH cooking, etc. to say nothing of the equipment of doing. Only the entrance room : as for the common facilities. Concrete usages are fewer than usually because of a simple design though the room arrangement can do nothing but also type three.

As a result, the cost of construction is reduced by about 20 percent more than a usual apartment house, and the sales price can be lowered by 12-13%. It is advantageous also in the client.  ..inexpensive simple Bun and the repair reserve..

The apartment house of attracts the attention of the developer side. Because each company is discharging the inventory by the profit disregard by a low-priced apartment house that has appeared on the market now.
It is a trouble of each company how to do the apartment house newly constructed after the inventory sells.
It suppressed to cost Oi in an architectural part, and it was a shared task whether to make it sell while obtaining the profit. Several companies are already for Hasegawa Komuten Co., Ltd. also who is the builder pulling about 20 companies against each other, and when the adoption to its own article was decided, are Iu.

There was no low-priced merchandise that saved here the spec though up to now, there was super-high-level merchandise in the apartment house. Moreover,「Shoe cabinets of standard specifications such as there is a baby and is baggy also have an unnecessary household. However, when this was detached, it had cost oppositely up to now. 」(Hiroyuki Tsujimura and manager of Hasegawa Komuten Co., Ltd. Arbest)。

It can be said that it is a reason that the more it gets cold the economic environment, the more such an apartment house collects support from the proprietor and the user.

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